All Natural Gardening and Lawn Care

Just a reminder – don’t forget to start your gardens!  We planted some seeds outside last week.  We have had an unusually cold and rainy spring here in the Midwest, as has been the case around the U.S.  I’m sure all the crazy weather is going to affect produce prices and availability this summer, so all […]

The All Natural Pregnancy

I could have labeled this post “How to Prevent Autism” because I do believe a woman can greatly reduce her chances of having a child with autism by taking care of herself before and during pregnancy.  But, in striving for an all natural pregancy, you can reduce a whole host of other issues as well.  […]

New Recipes

GFCF Macaroni and Cheese This is a “recipe” I made up using the new Daiya cheese. You can adjust the amounts to taste, but I wanted to have some kind of measurements. I make this in the morning for my daughter and then put it in her thermos for lunch. When I do that, I […]

Announcing Brooklyn Grace!

All Natural Mom of 3 becomes All Natural Mom of 4!   Brooklyn Grace was born safely at home on my due date, September 14th, 2010, at 5:08am.  Yes, I was up all night.  Not a quickie like I had hoped for.  14 hours of labor, 13 of those being with very mild contractions, and about 2 […]

Lynsey’s Homebirth Story

Lynsey’s Home Birth Story August 1st, 2003 After hearing too many times that my bouncing off the walls, never stop, energizer bunny son was “all boy”, I was determined that my next child would be “all girl”.  Two years before she was even born, I painted our spare bedroom pink.  With my first child, I had read the book, “Taking […]

Cody’s Homebirth Story

Part of the reason I decided on homebirth was because of reading dozens of birth stories online.  I think had the most, and they group them so you can read homebirth stories, hospital, C-section,etc.  Nearly every story I read about homebirth seemed about 100 times better than all the other hospital birth stories.  The hospital stories […]

The All Natural Kitchen

Below are just a few things I have learned on the GFCF boards about what is safest to use in the kitchen.  I had no idea about any of these things before.  It can be expensive to replace a lot of your kitchen ware.  I didn’t do it all at once.  I asked for different […]

The All Natural Garden

  (The top is a picture of our garden in the summer. You can see our little apple tree and below it was the start of our raspberry bushes. In the front are green beans and cucumbers are in the back. The big tall thing in the far back is a sunflower that my daughter […]