Need A Laugh? Don’t We All?

Below are some funny things my kids have said or done. If you’re doing biomed and a have a child with autism or ADHD, you NEED a good laugh. 🙂 1. On the way home from preschool one day, I asked my 3-year old son Cody how he got crumbs in his hair. He said […]

All About Supplements

Below is a list of supplements and their uses, common dosage recommendations, and brands that we use. I’ll be adding to it as I learn of new ones. These are all specific to biomed protocol for treating autism, but many of these are helpful for just about anyone. This information is just a guide and […]

Why We Decided To Have Home Births

All 4 of my kids were born at home with a midwife, with no drugs. I never imagined myself giving birth without drugs at home, but after I got married and we were thinking about concieving, I decided to read up on pregnancy and childbirth. I started reading on a web site called, which […]

My GFCF Shopping List

Below is a list of foods that we buy. This is just what we happen to like and to the best of my knowledge, they are GFCF, but I could be wrong, so please double check for yourself. Along with these, we cook a lot from scratch and choose to use organic chickens and organic […]

My Feingold Shopping Lists – 2009

Note:  I posted an updated shopping list as of March, 2012.  This is a separate list from the one below.  I’m leaving this list below b/c there are some items that we no longer eat now b/c of allergies (to dairy) that I did not list in the newer shopping list.  But, there are some newer products that are listed in the 2012 […]

Feingold Recipes

World’s Greatest Mom Cookbook (Kid friendly Feingold recipes that will make your kids think you are the world’s greatest mom. 🙂 ) Note: I have since started a new blog for all my recipes which includes many pictures: All Natural Recipes. Table of Contents Dinners Beef Stew Broccoli Soup Chicken Bruschetta Chicken Fajita Seasoning Chicken Noodle […]

Why We Started The Feingold Diet

The Feingold Diet is mainly an ADHD diet, although it has been shown to help a variety of other symptoms. On this diet, we eliminate all artificial colors (like red #40, yellow #5, blue #1, etc. that you read on ingredient labels), artificial flavors (one common one is vanillin used in many chocolate foods), and […]

GFCF Recipes

Note: I have since started a new blog for all my recipes: All Natural Recipes. Here are the recipes that we use. We’ve been doing the diet for almost a year now, but I’m still no expert. I am pretty sure that the brands I have listed are OK, but please double check for yourself. The […]

Changes We Saw on GFCF

There were several changes we noticed in my daughter in particular, upon going GFCF, but it might help to explain what she was like before we started the diet. Some of these are also common characteristics of kids with autism. 1. Prior to GFCF, she had no energy (at all!). She would constantly complain that […]