18 Natural Ways to Treat Strep

  I hate strep! I very rarely get strep but came down with it this week. I couldn’t get to the doctor right away so I looked into natural treatment options. Strep is about the only thing I will take antibiotics for. Some people have treated strep successfully using the methods below. One of the […]

All Natural Cold and Flu Care

  It’s that time of year again.  As soon as school starts again, I brace myself for the first illness to hit home.  My 2 year old just came down with a bad cold.  Someone just asked me what I use for cough and cold medicines, so I thought I’d do a post on it. Most […]

10 Supplements for ADHD

Below is a list of supplements that are good for ADHD that we have used or use currently. This list is based on my reading, talking with other moms on the GFCF Kids Yahoo board, and from information from our holistic/DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctor. I’ve listed most of these in my post entitled, “All About Supplements.” […]

The All Natural Pregnancy

I could have labeled this post “How to Prevent Autism” because I do believe a woman can greatly reduce her chances of having a child with autism by taking care of herself before and during pregnancy.  But, in striving for an all natural pregancy, you can reduce a whole host of other issues as well.  […]

The All Natural Kitchen

Below are just a few things I have learned on the GFCF boards about what is safest to use in the kitchen.  I had no idea about any of these things before.  It can be expensive to replace a lot of your kitchen ware.  I didn’t do it all at once.  I asked for different […]

Allergy Testing

If you want to do food allergy testing, the best and most economical place to have it done is through Alletess.  Their web site is www.foodallergy.com.  They charge about $130 to check for 96 different food allergies, both IGG and IGE, which is what you want, and you can still bill it to your insurance.  (IGG […]

Vaccine Q&A

I received a question under the “Comments” section of my “Why We Don’t Vaccinate” post and my reply got too long to fit under there, so I am posting my reply here instead.  Maybe someone else has had a similar question.  I know this comes up when thinking about international travel for mission trips, which […]

All Natural Remedies

Below is a list of some of the natural remedies we use in our house. Cold or Flu – The main things we use are Virastop, Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Emer-Gen-C, and lots of water and fluids (but not sugary ones). Echinachea is also good. Teas are good fluids if your kids will drink […]

Why We Don’t Vaccinate

I could devote an entire blog to this subject, but I’ll try to keep it as brief as I can. That will be hard. Why did we choose not to vaccinate? When I was pregnant with my first child, I started reading a lot of books on the subject of pregnancy and childbirth. During that […]