Feingold and GFCF (Gluten and Dairy Free) Recipes

The All Natural GFCF Kids Cookbook (Kid friendly gluten and casein/dairy free recipes with all natural ingredients.  Most recipes are also soy and egg free and Feingold acceptable to the best of my knowledge.) I’ve updated my personal GFCF (and Feingold) cookbook and put it into a PDF document. Each recipe is on a separate […]

Food Allergies and the Church Nursery

I had a good laugh today when I picked up my 3-year old from the nursery after my Bible study. I was told that the child care director said to tell me that I was no longer “allowed” to send in potato chips for my daughter for snack because the other kids wanted them. I […]

Feingold Meal Planning

I wrote out what each of my kids like for meals and snacks. This is good to do when you start feeling stumped as to what to feed your kids. It’s also a good list to give to Grandma who might take your kids for the weekend. This does not include what my kids might […]

The All Natural Diet

So I started another blog. 🙂 I’m just getting this one started but it will include products that I have contacted manufacturers on. There are a lot of items that we eat that are not in the Feingold shopping guide for one reason or another so I decided to contact them myself.  I will be sharing […]

GFCF Recipes

Below is my updated GFCF cookbook.  It is similar to the one I posted in 2009, but I’ve added my newest recipe finds.  I’m working on getting a PDF version posted with pictures so that you can print them out with one recipe per page and put in a binder if you’d like.  This didn’t transfer over […]

New Recipes

A few new recipes.  If you try a recipe and like it (or don’t like it), please comment!  Nothing’s worse than spending all your time and money on a recipe that your family ends up not liking.  These are recipes that our family likes, but everyone’s tastes are different.  I’ve got a few more coming, […]

My GFCF Shopping List

Below is a list of foods that we buy. This is just what we happen to like and to the best of my knowledge, they are GFCF, but I could be wrong, so please double check for yourself. Along with these, we cook a lot from scratch and choose to use organic chickens and organic […]

GFCF Recipes

Note: I have since started a new blog for all my recipes: All Natural Recipes. Here are the recipes that we use. We’ve been doing the diet for almost a year now, but I’m still no expert. I am pretty sure that the brands I have listed are OK, but please double check for yourself. The […]