Our Typical Diet Diary

On one of the boards I’m on, someone asked for a posting of a diet diary.  I didn’t have time to list out each day yet, but below is a list of what my kids typically eat at the moment.

For my GFCF kids (my son occassionally has soy):


Applegate hot dogs (beef, turkey, and beef grass fed)
Ian’s GF Chicken Patties
Ian’s GF Chicken Nuggets
Ian’s GF Chicken Nugget Meals
Ian’s Mac-N-No-Cheese (very occassionally)
Homemade chicken nuggets
PB&J’s (Food for Life White or Brown Rice bread with Sunbutter, and strawberry jelly)
Turkey sandwiches (Hormel or Applegate Farms)
Hamburgers (organic or grass fed)
Steak (organic or grass fed)
Garlic Lime Chicken with rice
Lemon Mustard Chicken with rice
Chicken Fajitas with spanish rice
Ian’s GF French toast sticks with agave syrup
Hormel All Natural bacon or Applegate Farms
Homemade beef breakfast sausage
Shelton’s Turkey Italian Sausages or breakfast sausage
Spaghetti with homemade sauce (Tinkyada noodles)
Chicken breast with BBQ sauce (Organicville Original BBQ sauce)
Rotisserie Chicken
Pot Roast
Chicken Legs
Beef stew
Chicken stew
Teff pancakes
Salad with Annie’s french dressing
Ian’s GFCF french bread pizza (soy)


Alphatot Fries
Homemade or mix muffins – banana, apple, or pumpkin
Fritos Scoops (CC issues)
Potato Chips (I order online – Pinnacle Gold)
Gorge Delight Pear bars (I order online)
Organic raisins
Xochitl corn chips with homemade salsa
Green Mountain corn chips
Freeze dried mangoes (TJ’s)
Plantain Banana Chips (TJ’s)
Calbee Pea Crisps (TJ’s)
Brussel Sprouts
Sweet Potato
Seasoned red potatoes

Desserts for parties

Purely Decadent Vanilla Coconut Ice Cream (sometimes with Ah!Laska chocolate syrup)
Chocolate cake from a mix (Cherrybrook Kitchen GFCF or Namaste)
Brownie mix (Gluten Free Pantry Chocolate Truffle Brownie or Trader Joe’s)(soy)
Sharon’s Sorbet (raspberry)
365 brand lemon sorbet
Chocolate Chip cookies
Solar Moon Melon bubble gum (I order online)
A muffin with vanilla frosting
Homemade marshmallows


Mostly Oberweis lemonade (in the Midwest), or homemade lemonade
Pacific Rice Milk in cereal or in recipes
Gerber Pear Juice occassionally

Fast Food: (no fast food place is 100% GFCF because of so much cross contamination, but we do eat out on occassion and take digestive enzymes).  I try to remember to bring our own ketchup to avoid CS)

Wendy’s – double stack for $.99, plain and no bun, or with mustard and onion
Chipotle – rice, chicken, and lettuce in a bowl (not sure if this is totally GFCF)
Five Guys – hamburger plain, no bun and fries (cooked in peanut oil – CS in the bun)

For my Feingold child (He’s extremely picky at the moment and doesn’t tolerate much dairy.):


Bell & Evans chicken patties on Rudi’s whole wheat buns
PB&J’s – Rudi’s Honey Sweet Whole Wheat bread, JIF peanut butter, & strawberry jelly
Turkey sandwiches (Hormel turkey or Applegate Farms)
Ian’s GFCF chicken nugget meals
Chicken breast with BBQ sauce (TJ’s)
Chicken Legs
Rotisserie Chicken
Pot Roast
Chicken and Noodle casserole
365 Spaghetti noodles (he likes them plain)
Back to Nature pop tarts (not approved but seem OK – has corn syrup)
TJ’s chocolate and peanut butter breakfast bars
This Blueberry Walks Into a Bar breakfast bars from TJ’s
Homemade beef breakfast sausage
Shelton’s turkey Italian sausages
Hormel All Natural bacon or Applegate Farms bacon
Aunt Jemima pancakes with agave syrup and Ghiradelli chocolate chips
Homemade cinnamon rolls
Apple or raspberry muffins


Baked potatoes
Seasoned red potatoes
Alphatot fries
365 shoestring fries
Michael Season’s cheetos
Annie’s Sour Cream and Onion Bunnies
Back to Nature Honey graham sticks (not approved, but seem OK)
Back to Nature ritz type crackers
365 saltine crackers
Original Sun Chips
New Morning Honey Graham Crackers
Rold Gold Honey Sweet Whole Wheat pretzel braids
Xochitl corn chips
Annie’s fruit snacks
Fruitabu fruit roll
Organic apples
Green beans
Corn on the cob


GFCF chocolate cake or brownies
Breyers All Natural vanilla ice cream (or Haagan Dasz)
Homemade sugar cookies
Soy Lil’ Dreamers ice cream sandwiches or ice cream bars
Oatmeal cookies
Homemade chocolate chip cookies
Midel GFCF chocolate chip cookies
Yellow cake with vanilla frosting
Surf Sweet gummy worms and bears
Giambri’s Candy lemon sticks and lemon balls (I order online)
Solar Moon Melon bubble gum
365 root beer or key lime pop
Coca-Cola (without corn syrup in the Mexican section)
Cool Fruits cherry/grape popsicles
Puppy Chow
Pamela’s GF peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies
Homemade marshmallows


Drinks almost all water all day, sometimes homemade or Oberweis lemonade

Fast Food

Wendy’s or McDonald’s plain hamburger (CS) with an apple juice
Five Guys plain hamburger with fries (CS)
Pizza Hut pan cheese pizza
Papa John’s hand-tossed cheese pizza
Subway (chicken strips toasted with lettuce and mustard on Italian bread)
Chipotle chicken burrito with chicken, lettuce, and rice (not approved but seems OK)
Annie’s soft pretzels and lemonade (at the malls)

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