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Below is a list of web sites pertaining to homeschooling. I’m just learning of many of these. There are tons out there. Also, if you find yourself needing a laminator, the cheapest ones are at Sam’s for $24. Target also has them for $27. Sam’s also has 3 ml laminating sheets for $20 for 200 sheets.

For the Parents: – Preschool through about 5th grade – free printable games, resources. Lots of resources for 1st grade especially. – Great for 1st grade especially.  Print off basically everything you need for a whole first grade curriculum.  Lots of games for the visual learner. – Free printables. Lots of great resources. Type in a subject in the search box. I’ve used it for key word “Workboxables”. – Click on “Worksheets.” – Print off math worksheets. – Tons of great downloads, especially for kids with learning challenges.– Variety of free printables and downloads. Links to homeschooling blogs. This is an online subscription for $19.95 per year. I signed up for this recently and it looks very good. You can customize games and worksheets using your own curriculum, or they have worksheets by grade level. It goes all the way up to high school. I recognized the school bus logo on the top of all their printables. Apparently, my daughter’s public school used this web site quite often. Many of her take home worksheets were from this web site. – This is another subscription web site for $20.00 a year. – Another subscription web site for $39.95 a year

MEP (Mathmatics Enhancement Programme)

This is a free online math curriculum. It is the math curriculum used in the UK schools, but it is also available to homeschoolers for free. You do need to contact them (CIMT – Centre for Innovation in Mathmatics Teaching) and request a password, letting them know that you are a homeschooling family. They don’t want passwords to get in the hands of their students. 

If you join the MEP yahoo group, you can get the password and assistance on how to use the program. It is a program with teaching involved but it is a complete math curriculum and from the reviews I have read, it is also a very good one. I plan to look into this one. I couldn’t find where to actually sign up from this web site. It would probably be easier to sign up for the Yahoo group and ask there. They probably have all the right links too. Here is the link for that Yahoo group. – This is a curriculum, but I list it here because I have used it to supplement my oldest’s reading (he’s in private school). Go to your child’s age and look at the Core packages and pull it up so you can view all items in the package. It will give you a list of books that come with the package. You can get most if not all of these from your library. Granted, you won’t get the Teacher’s Guide that comes with the Core that includes questions after each chapter, but we’ve found that the books they choose for these cores are outstanding.

For the Kids: – Free spelling games. Type in your child’s spelling words and it will produce games for the kids to play. It will also speak the spelling words to the kids and test them. Part of this site is a paid subscription but you can use the basic spelling games for free. – Free web site for older kids that tests their knowledge in different subjects. The web site donates so many grains of rice for each correct answer your child gets. So, as they are learning and honing their academic skills, they are also helping to feed hungry people around the world. – Great free reading web site.  Interactive online books and movies.  You need speakers on your computer for this one.

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