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I have a terrible habit of starting posts and not finishing them!  I have a few half finished posts in my editing pages.  I get a lot of e-mails about the Feingold Diet, so I planned to write more on that topic this year, as I can see the earnest desire in many parents to help their children with ADHD related issues.

I also get a lot of e-mails about vaccines, which surprised me.  When I originally wrote the post, I think I had about 5 followers and I didn’t think many people would even read it.  I wrote it to try to explain to people that I knew or would run into at my kids’ activities, why we chose not to vaccinate.  It’s hard to try to explain to someone in a couple minutes with kids pulling at you.  I occassionally get some backlash for that one, so I plan to explain myself on that one a little bit.  Although I doubt it will make those people feel any better. 

So anyways, I thought I’d ask you all what topics you would like read about.  Below are some topics that I plan to write about, but can never decide which to do first.  So, cast your vote!  Feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment.  If there’s something you don’t see below that you would love to see a post on, just let me know.  Thanks! 

Future Potential Posts:

Is the Feingold Diet worth the $82?
What Causes Autism? 
My final two homebirth stories.
How to Start the Feingold Diet
A Feingold Easter
A Feingold Holiday (menu planning/recipes)
Doing Disney on a Special Diet
Doing a Disney Cruise on a Special Diet
Epsom Salt Baths
More All Natural Remedies
More on Supplements
Supplements for ADHD
A Visit to the DAN (Defeat Autism Now!) Doctor (What to Expect)
The All Natural Baby
The All Natural Baby Goes Cloth (review on cloth diapers)
How To Make All Natural Homemade Baby Food
The All Natural Baby Cookbook (our favorite recipes for homemade baby food)
Updated Feingold Cookbook (also to be available in PDF form)
Updated GFCF Cookbook
How to Take Probiotics
The Yeast Beast
Various Book Reviews
More New Recipes

I think that’s it!

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  1. Hi Sheri! Here is my vote for desired info to read up on. Thanks so much!!
    1)Supplements for ADHD
    2)A Visit to the DAN (Defeat Autism Now!) 3)Doctor (What to Expect)
    4)Various Book Reviews
    5)More All Natural Remedies
    6)How to Take Probiotics
    7)The Yeast Beast
    8)Updated Feingold Cookbook (PDF form)

  2. Thanks so much! We are hoping that becoming Feingold members will help our 6 yr old son with his self-regulation and behavioral challenges. Please enter us in the drawing for the membership! Love your site!

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