Feingold Membership Giveaway!

During the month of May, you can enter to win a FREE 1-year Feingold membership, worth $82.50!  To enter, just become a follower of All Natural Mom and post a comment with your e-mail address.  This will ony be used to notify the winner.  If you’re already a follower, just post a comment. 

Feel free to post why you want to join Feingold.  You can get friends and family to help you out by having them follow All Natural Mom and they will also be entered to win.  They can then gift the membership to you.  Anyone can enter.  If you do not need the membership (maybe you are already a member), but know of someone who does, you can give the membership away if you win. 

The giveaway will end on May 31st at midnight.  The winner will be randomly chosen and notified on June 1st. 

To read in detail what a membership includes, you can go to Feingold’s web site at the following address:


This giveaway is for people who have never been a member of Feingold before. 

I hear so often of moms who want to try the Feingold Diet for their child (or children), but just don’t have the extra money to spend.  God has blessed me so much and I would love to bless another family. 

Written by Sheri Fortes - Visit Website

Author of "All Natural Mom's Guide to the Feingold Diet"

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  1. I am already a member but have a family in mind at church that I would like to bless with a membership. Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. Hi Sheri! Thanks for offering such a great giveaway! I have wanted to purchase the membership kit from Feingold for over 3 months but am still unable to afford it. I would really love to get this for my 3 yo! Thanks again. savinsista@gmail.com

  3. We would love the kit – we've been picking at a feingold diet for over a year since we've been unable to afford the kit. I have noticed a difference in my son but we're sadly not consistent. sarapogue at hotmail dot com

  4. We've been doing Feingold since February without the materials and it's definitely a lot harder and more time consuming doing all that research myself. My target is my 8-year-old who has ADHD. jspringer4 at yahoo dot com

  5. I am so excited to see you doing this giveaway! I am a huge proponent of Feingold. It has been a total life changer for my daughter and our entire family. We've been doing special diets for 7 years now, but it wasn't until we started Feingold over 3 years ago that we saw major improvements and total elimination of symptoms. This gift will be such a blessing to the family who wins it. Wonderful idea!

  6. Hi Sheri my name is Vanessa and my son has ADHD and ODD. I'm feeling the pressure from teachers telling me that I should try medication but I'm not giving up I really want to do this diet and do it right but need guidance and don't have the means to buy the program. This is truly an amazing opportunity your giving a family.Thank you so much for giving us all this opportunity. tamagochyfamily@hotmail.com or tamagochyfamily@gmail.com

  7. I'd love to win a membership. A friend told me about you & is seeing differences that I'd like to see in my middle son, age 6. He's very, very active & has trouble with overreacting, focusing & being very impulsive.

    Thank you,

  8. I am already a member, but I have a friend who can't afford it and would love to have it for her 2 ADHD children.

  9. I am a mother of a 5 year old boy that was unofficially diagnosed as adhd. For years, I saw that my son was some what a bit more hyperactive than all the other kids around him. I first thought that it was because he wanted us to give him all of our attention, reason being, that before his first birthday, came the birth of his little brother. The second thought that crossed my mind, of why this behavior,was his age. Everyone I spoke to, told me it was all a matter of growing up. So, I left it that way, but found it very difficult to do simple things, such go to a restaurant, a store, or even a relatives house. There were constant fits, whines, breaking of things, and disrespect towards others. When he began preschool, thats when I knew there was a real big problem. Three days out of the week I was being called in to either calm him down or pick him up. His teacher would tell me that he would have fits and not only not follow directions, but would began to tear up the room. Many times I blamed myself and had several melt downs in front of his teachers, but they always assured me it was his age and that once he went to a more structured school, he would change. So, he went on to kindergarten. The first day of school there was a problem. Like always I made an excuse and figured it was that he needed to adjust. Not only that, but I decided to get some family advice on how to raise my child, but more than anything, asked them for ways of discipline that could make him understand that the way he was behaving in school, was unacceptable. Well, he is two weeks before finishing the year and not only has he been suspended 3 times, but now he is only attending school part-time. I have spent most of the year giving him time-outs and depriving him from all forms of fun. I literally hate myself for it. I feel as if this is all my fault. I went through so many emotional moments during my pregnancy with him and now feel as if all that emotion made him this way. Well, I guess he was made just a bit more special than normal and sent from god as a special gift for me. I love my son with all my heart and I want him to do better. He is in top of his class, academically, but I would like for him to be at the top of his class completely, both academically and behavior wise. At school, he is seen as an outkast, not only by his classmates, but by the staff as well. The reason this is so, is because my son has done everything from running away from the teacher, hitting his friends, tearing up the room and having big tantrums, that requires more than one staff member to get a hold of him. I have made so many changes at home because of this. I've done so much research on how to raise a child the right way, but all that doesn't seem to work. Just about two months ago, i decided to call mental health services after having to pick him up from school because of a huge tantrum he threw. He was evaluated and i was told that all signs pointed to adhd. Currently, I began sugar free diet with him and at times it seems as if though it does work, but I feel that I might be doing something wrong, because he still gets a bad card from school once in a while. I give him his omega-3 and multivitamin. I began looking into the feingold diet and it looks amazing. I literally thought my child had to eat as if he were back in the early 1900's, which is so difficult to accomplish knowing that there is a Mcdonalds at every corner. Because of his change in schedule it is much more difficult to keep up with a full time job, even though my boss is incredibly generous allowing me to keep him there at work by my side. My days have been cut shorter and my frustration to help my child has risen. I would just love a solution that would make my child feel good about himself and help me be the best less-stressed mom that I can be for both my lil monsters.

  10. I just stumbled across your blog today; I'm in the beginning phases of researching diet options for my stepson who is showing some ADD/ADHD symptoms. The Feingold Diet looks like such a great option, not just for him but for the health of my other kids too. I'd love to put my name in the hat for the drawing; being a stay at home mom I'm not sure we'd have the extra funds to purchase it for awhile. Thanks so much for the opportunity, and I look forward to reading more on your site 🙂


  11. Hello Sheri. We are a family of 6 that started exploring the Feingold diet about a month ago. We have not been able to purchase the materials yet. I wanted to thank you for the great information you provide on this site. I have turned to your shopping lists and recipes quite a few times over the past few weeks. We are already seeing relief from some medical issues as well as behavioral changes in our children. Our family is excited to see the progression when we are able to go 100% Feingold. Thanks again for the great info you provide on your blog!

  12. Here's why I would love to win: My son was just diagnosed last week with ADHD without hyperactivity and we are trying so hard to keep the prescription meds away from him. The neurologist told us to try Feingold but the $82.50 is too much for us right now. We are over budget just buying the natural foods that are recommended to help him with focus. I am also en route to an adult ADHD diagnosis as my marriage has just went "poof" after 17 years, and in searching for "what's wrong with me" I have found I have many symptoms. We are going through a lot right now, my son and I, and the Feingold program would do wonders to give me one less thing to think about so much! Thank you. justus0502@gmail.com

  13. I would really like to win this giveaway so that I can give it to my sister and her son, who is just starting to exhibit signs of ADD at age 8. She is completely dedicated to helping my nephew through only healthy, holistic ways, and having the Feingold Membership for a year would help their family immensely.

    I want to help her in any way I can, and being able to give this to them would be an amazing thing! Thank you for this generous offer in your giveaway!


  14. I would Love Love Love to win this! I have 2 boys and am dealing with ADHD in my oldest. I have just recently stumbled across this program and your blog. I am so interested and appreciate all of your hard work. We live on a very tight budget and would love this free membership!!!

  15. I have a lady at church who told me about this for her son and since my 4 year old is so hyperactive and cannot focus, I got few ideas from her and have SOME idea of what to buy (from blogs, etc.), I would ABSOLUTELY love to have the program!! I just became a follower but if it doesn't show up, my email is bethyskids@yahoo.com. So helpful to have info frroom other moms and to know that I'm not alone!!

  16. Hello Sheri, I am a disabled mother of two beautiful girls, my oldest has ADHD, and, although my husband is a nurse, we don't want to medicate our daughter, but she is failing 1st grade, and I can't bear to listen when she tells how the other children treat her, or how the teacher responds to her behavior. I would love to have the opportunity to give my child real, healing help versus a pill that will only do harm in my opinion. God bless you and your family for the gift you are offerring to a child in need, you are truly blessing the least of us. munkinmama2@yahoo.com

  17. My sister loves your site and has been sending me every new post of yours. I appreciate your blog as I try to incorporate clean eating for my family. I do agree that chemicals in food change the behavior of our children. We would definitely enjoy these books. Thank you for your insight. dmorgan0501@gmail.com

  18. SO EXCITED! just discovered this and would love to enter! My daugther will be starting this diet as soon as school ends, so this would be a huge blessing!

  19. I appreciate this opportunity s much! My 13 year old son has been struggling hi whole life, and I have taken him to countless doctors, specialists, counselors, and therapists. He is such a sweet bright boy, and we all fail him everyday because I can't figure out how to help him. He remains undiagnosed except for depression( who wouldn't be?). I have wanted to try the feingold diet but am so overwhelmed! I just found your site today and can't wait to read more. Thank you, Melissa mgrunwaldt@frontiernet.net

  20. My 8 year old struggles with ADHD, allergies and asthma… I've just learned about the Feingold diet and am anxious to try it…. I feel lost and would love direction! I am overwhelmed at the thought of drastically changing what we eat!!! I'm very excited about your site and would love to have more information!
    Kara knepp@live.com

  21. Great opportunity for all of us stressed out mamas! Thanks so much to you and the Feingold folks for offering this. We have been working with our 3yo for about 4 weeks now with information off the Internet, from the library, and old feingold books (I have a friend who was a member years ago) I visit their site and look at the program probably once a week and sigh, one day I'll get a membership! Every time I think I'm doin good I'll realize something slipped through. Really frustrating right! Anyway my fingers are crossed here 🙂

  22. After reading all of these posts, all I can say is "THANK YOU LORD!" I was really feeling as if I was the only person that had these problems with my child, especially with him being in public school! My son is 10 and is failing 4th grade because he has been on 6 different medications this year, and nothing has worked. Sunday at church I approached one of our intercessory prayer women out of complete desperation as to what to do for him. She told me about this diet – I had no clue. He has Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, and Asthma. As I was researching the diet, I could not believe it as I was reading about him! I now, for the first time, have a glimmer of hope! I have been praying as to whether to home school him, but finances are a big problem. I don't know how we will afford the diet, or the natural food market, but I have faith that God will make a way. The side effects from these medications have been horrible for him, and I just can't put him on one more thing. I want to try this! THANK YOU for the site, and all of this information! It is such a relief to know we are not alone!!!! What a blessing!!!! I would love to hear money saving ideas from other moms – how do you do it?? The "healthy" food is soooo $$$$$. Thank you again, blessings to you! Chris Yost sunnyyo@comcast.net

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