Baked Cinnamon Chips – Feingold Stage 1

I always
have leftover flour tortillas when we make tacos so I looked up a recipe for
baked cinnamon chips.  These are super
easy to make and can be made with gluten free tortillas as well.
(Azteca flour tortillas or Food for Life brown rice tortillas for GF)

(Earth Balance Soy Free for dairy free or Land O’Lakes)

Cut the
tortillas into triangles (I used my meat scissors).  Melt butter and dip tortillas in the butter,
or brush the butter on.  Sprinkle with
cinnamon sugar.  

I bought a
bottle of cinnamon sugar and then when I ran out, I made my own and put it in
the jar.  I combined ½ cup sugar and 1 TB
of cinnamon.  You can sprinkle this on
buttered toast too.

Bake at 350
degrees for 8-10 minutes. 
Stage 1

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