Gingy Notes

Here are the notes I made up for my kids for a Gingerbread hunt.  You can make your own or adjust these to make sense for your house and your family.

You can use whatever kind of cookies you want.  Just cut them out in the shape of a Gingerbread Man.  We’ve made sugar cookies before (see recipe). 
 This year we made Gingerbread cookies from Silvana Nardone’s GFCF cookbook, Cooking for Isaiah.  Then I made vanilla frosting (see recipe) and the kids used Surf Sweet gummy worms to make scarves, and used Surf Sweet jelly beans and Elyon marshmallows (corn syrup).

Catch me, catch me, if you can!
You can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man!
Clue #1: I’m somewhere very hot. It’s NOT Florida.
Clue #2: I was a mess when I went in here, but I came out looking great! I have to try out my new legs! I’m going for a run! Catch me if you can! I wonder what’s up these stairs!

Clue #3: Whew! Where’s the elevator in this place? These legs weren’t made for walking! I’m gonna go take a nap! Ooh, Mario! My favorite!
Clue #4: Whoa! Got woken up by some banging drums! Can’t a Gingy get some rest?! Ah, choo! Who sneezed in my dough?! I gotta get me some vitamins!
Clue #5: I forgot, I’m already loaded with vitamin C! What are those pretty lights I see? Who’s this Santa character?

Clue #6: Santa told me to make a list. I want me some running shoes for Christmas! Better go put my list where he’ll find it!
Clue #7: Man it’s hot over here! Is somebody roasting a fire? I’m outta here! I’m gonna go cool off in the coolest place in the house!
Clue #8: Wow! Wii U! How do I play this thing? Aahh! Where’s ______ when you need him? Think I’ll play me a game on this cool looking table!
Clue #9: I scored! With myself! Aah! Help me out of here! I’m going back upstairs! There’s too many bugs down here! I wonder if there’s a nice cozy bed somewhere.
Clue #10: This room is scary! There are monsters and vampires! Where can I sleep? So tired! I need a nice comfy bed where no one will disturb me.

P.S. Please don’t eat me while I sleep! Wait! I gotta go potty before I go to bed!
 Do Not Disturb 

Where I hid the notes:

1. Counter in kitchen
2.  Oven
3.  Top of stairs
4.  Boys’ bed
5.  Cabinet in kitchen by the vitamins.
6.  In Christmas tree by a Santa ornament.
7.  In one of their stockings.
8.  In the basment underneath a Wii controller.
9.  In the air hockey table puck holder.
10.  Under my daughter’s pillow in her room.
11.  Hid the cookies on plates in the bath tub with curtain closed.  Put a Do Not Disturb sign on the shower curtain.

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