Chocolate Covered Cherries


1 ¼ cups of powdered sugar
1/8 cup of butter (I used Earth Balance Soy Free)
½ TB of milk (I used Pacific brand rice milk)
¼ tsp almond extract (I didn’t have any so I subbed vanilla extract instead)

16 maraschino cherries (I use Tillen Farms from Whole Foods – near the tea)

For dipping:
1 cup chocolate chips (I used Enjoy Life or use Ghiradelli)
1 TB of shortening (I used Tropical Traditions Palm Oil shortening or use Spectrum)
Knead mixture into a large ball.  Roll into 1 inch balls.  Flatten into 2 inch circles.  Wrap cherries in the dough and then place on wax or parchment paper.  Loosely wrap plate with siran wrap and place in the fridge to chill for at least 4 hours. 
Hold the cherries by the stem and dip in the melted chocolate with shortening.   Place on wax paper to dry.  Store in fridge.  These are VERY sweet.  A little too sweet for me but of course my kids loved them.
I had some chocolate left over so I decided to dip some strawberries in it.  Yum!  You can also dip homemade marshmallows in the chocolate.  I’m thinking I’ve found my Christmas gifts for teachers next year.  J
I got this recipe from
Feingold Stage 2

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