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I am looking for some Feingold success stories to add to my e-book which should be out in March, 2013 on Kindle. If you would like to submit something, please leave a comment beginning with:  “Our testimonial” so I  know it’s OK to use.  Please include your first name and the state that you live in.  

I think this section will be really helpful to other moms who are nervous about purchasing the program.  They want to know if it really works before spending the money.  And moms know that other moms know best. Thanks so much!

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  1. Our Testimonial: My husband and I are the lucky parents of two wonderful children with our daughter that is seven and our son that is five. My son has always been highly energetic and fun, sometimes to the point of all of our complete exhaustion. In March of 2012 I was at a play date with a friend that happened to be a physician that suggested that my son might have ADHD. Not that I didn’t suspect something was wrong, it is just that I didn’t want there to be something wrong and we just lived most of our lives outdoors to cope with his high energy expenditure needs. However, I did keep him away from food dyes because Lord help us if he ingested a food dye because I would have to peel him off the walls. And isn’t a little brother supposed to torment his older sisters and don’t little boys sometimes throw screaming tantrums on the floor?!? I took her advice and went to see a specialist that stated, “this is a very obvious case of ADHD” and he stated that when we were ready for medication my son would be a good candidate. Not wanting to take the route of medicating his symptoms but finding a cause, I began researching other routes and did decide to take him to play therapy in the mean time.
    It was four weeks into play therapy when my research led me to Dr. Feingold’s website and I quickly ordered the information. I began the lifestyle change as a skeptic, but I was ASTOUNDED when two days after changing his eating habits my son was a completely different kid. When I say completely different I mean this is who he was always meant to be but his body was so hypersensitive to salicylates, food dyes, and preservatives that the chemicals were not allowing him to be himself. One week after I started him on the Feingold diet, we had our fifth play therapy session and I didn’t say a word to the therapist about the diet changes. When the session was over, the therapist came out with my son and asked, “did you put him on medication because this is not the same little boy I have been visiting with”? I excitedly told him about the dietary changes and he was very accepting and took all my information about it and he stated that he would start recommending this to other clients.
    So many times I thought I know I am a good mom and I feed him mostly organic meals with fruits(majority were berries) and veggies so why is this happening? The hardest part was when we would visit family that live 12 hours away and they would give a lot of unsolicited advice such as: Whip him, you aren’t being tough enough, and he’s a brat can’t you control him. I am loving, patient, and I discipline him appropriately so why do I feel like he is slipping through my fingers and why do so many people think I am such a slacking parent?
    I now have the proof that we are good parents and that it was the chemicals that were causing the chaos on his little central nervous system. We are strictly a Feingold family now and I am very happy to report that he is a wonderful, loving, and sweet little boy…..although he is sometimes a typical naughty little five year old.
    Symptoms Before Feingold: 1) Quick tempered 2) Always in a constant state of motion 3) Constantly picking fights with his sister or other little children 4) Very hard to reason with
    Symptoms After Feingold: None just normal mischief!
    Ami in Texas

  2. I just started reading about Feingold yesterday and am totally hooked I have to start this with my boys asap. Both my boys are diagnosed with ADD and so far life has been pretty easy. The past year we've gone through so much with our older son with anxiety and temper flare ups we started him with a therapist. She's great and is open to all alternative medicine and suggested that we might start with eliminating red dye. I was pretty good at first but then like a lot of things we slipped of the path. Then a few days ago after my son had eaten a couple Twizzlers and a serving of Doritos, he was not at all himself. It was like another boy was inhabiting my child. Before we add another doctor to our list I wanted to find something that we could try ourselves to see if it works. I've been back to your sites numerous times while researching. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I think I'll start weaning us from non-Feingold foods for a few weeks before we do the complete house cleanse. Most of the blogs, etc. that I've read have been pretty positive and the only bad thing that can come from this is that it won't work.

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