Essential Oil Owie Blend

This spray is great to have on hand! Especially with little ones! Works great for mosquito bites or any other “owies.” You’re not supposed to put essential oils on open wounds, so use your judgement. I have before though. 

4 TB fractionated coconut oil
5 drops of lavender
5 drops of tea tree (melaleuca)
5 drops of frankincense

Combine in a small glass spray bottle. I got one at my local health food store or you can order online at places like This is where I ordered my fractionated coconut oil. Fractionated coconut oil is used because it stays in a liquid state, unlike regular coconut oil which hardens at cooler temperatures. 

We used this last week when my son got a bad sliver on his finger from our fence. We had a very hard time getting it out and had to rip his skin a little bit. So the area was red and tender. We put the spray on and he went to youth group at church. Three hours later when he came home, he was in amazement because he couldn’t even tell where the sliver was. His skin had already completely healed. 

I also used this to treat a burn on my leg I had from last summer. It never completely healed and was still red. I started using this spray once a day and within just a few days to a couple of weeks, I noticed a huge improvement! I wasn’t sure it would do anything as the wound is over 9 months old, but my skin has returned to almost a normal color now. Crazy! 

And last week, we used it to help treat a tick bite my son got. We’ve been spraying it once or twice a day, starting immediately after getting the bite. We also put some oil of oregano on it as well, as it is a stronger antibacterial. 

I also took him to the doctor and he is taking antibiotics as he developed a very faint bulls eye rash two days after the bite. This is indicative of Lyme disease, so if you get a tick bite, please do your research immediately and get them to a lyme doctor (LLMD) immediately. My son is currently taking 30 days of doxycycline plus some other supplements and herbs to kill off the bacteria and prevent any further progression. 

But, for mosquito and tick bites, these essential oils help with the itch and inflammation, and for minor scrapes, burns and scars, it helps the skin heal.

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