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So my 10th grader was given a creative writing assignment for English class. Many have asked to read what he wrote. His class is reading “Fahrenheit 451.” His assignment was to write a two-page paper choosing one of the topics on the above page, “How would life be different if…” He showed it to me and asked which one he should do. When we got to if “food was synthetic” we both busted up laughing. I thought it was a joke. But he said he wanted to do that one! 

So below is what he wrote. Keep in mind this is for a 10th grade fictional writing assignment. We are in no way saying that any of this is true. 🙂 

If Food Was Synthetic
Life would be very chaotic and troubling if
food were synthetic. There would be so much sickness and pain that doctors
wouldn’t even know how to handle it all. In fact, about one in three kids would
be overweight, one in six would have a learning disability, one in ten would
have ADHD, one in twelve would have food allergies, one in twenty would have
seizures, and one in sixty-eight would have autism.
If food were synthetic, there would be an
enormous amount of power in the hands of the government and the companies that
create the synthetic food because they would have control over all of the food
in the world. No one would be able to grow their own food without buying
special seeds from the companies creating the synthetic food. On top of all of that, the
seeds would be much less nutrient rich than real food and many citizens would
suffer from malnutrition. The food that citizens could buy at grocery stores
and local supermarkets would be made in a factory with very little testing or
examination of the product and this would severely damage their immune system, making
them extremely susceptible to illnesses.
The children would be the first to get sick.
On account of their size, they would not be able to process the food as well as
the adults and they would begin showing symptoms like ADHD and autism, as well
as food allergies. The allergies would be signs from their body telling them
that what they were eating was not food; it was chemicals made in a factory.
Soon after, the adults would start getting diseases as well, like cancer and
The synthetic food would cause many unknown
and seemingly incurable diseases, but the pharmacies of the time would come to
the rescue of the people with a vaccine that promised to cure them of their
disease for only a few hundred dollars. However, the vaccine would have been
made very hastily and would cause other problems worse than the sicknesses
themselves. Soon, the government would force the vaccines on everyone in an
attempt to stop the spread of all the disease from the synthetic food. Seeing
another opportunity to make money, the pharmaceutical companies would introduce
different drugs that would cover up the symptoms caused by the vaccines. These
drugs would cause other side effects which gave the need for more and more
drugs until nearly the entire population was taking multiple drugs a day.
            A select few would
realize that the root of all their sickness and pain was the synthetic food.
They would make books and websites to try and share the information, but the
government would find out and harass them, in order to continue making money.
All the information they shared would be erased and all of their research and
information lost. Some doctors would start learning about the problems of
synthetic food and begin treating their patients accordingly, but before they
could cause too much “damage” with this information, they would be found dead.  
            Even with all of the
pharmaceutical companies’ empty promises, the people would not question their
authority. Despite all of the sickness and pain and disabilities and disease,
all the synthetic food would continue to be sold and marketed among the
citizens and there would continue to be a rapid increase in disabilities and
disease throughout the world. In conclusion, if food were synthetic, life would
not be much different.      
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