My 2017 Amazon Shopping List

Since starting the Feingold Diet in 2005, I’ve increased the amount of time I spend at the grocery stores! Notice I said stores and not store. ūüôā I regularly go to Meijer, Woodman’s, Whole Foods, and Super Target, and an occasional trip to Sam’s Club and Trader Joe’s. So if there’s anything I can order online with free shipping, I will! ¬†And sometimes, things are just cheaper online. I always start with Amazon to check prices. Occasionally, I can find vitamins or beauty products cheaper online at,,, or Or certain products I just can’t find on Amazon.

I don’t buy a lot of food on Amazon because I’ve not found their prices to be lower than in the stores most of the time so I stopped checking and I’ve not tried Amazon Prime Pantry. As soon as I read they charge $5.99 per box for shipping, I stopped reading. I hate paying for shipping. With the recent purchase of Whole Foods by Amazon, we might see some changes in what Amazon offers in terms of groceries. For those without a Whole Foods near them, it would be awesome for them to be able to buy Whole Foods’ 365 brand products on Amazon. No idea if that is the plan but it wouldn’t surprise me.

Need a reminder of what ingredients to avoid? Check out my fridge magnets below.


I also buy the bulk of my kids’ Christmas presents online. I let them set up an Amazon “wish list.”

I get a lot of our candy on Amazon. I did a blog post on our favorite dye free candy. See blog post here. I won’t list them again in this blog post.

So below are some of the things “I”¬†typically buy on Amazon. ¬†Do your own research and decide what’s best for your family. Prices can change periodically, so I always double check to make sure I’m still buying the product at the lowest price offered. I almost never pay shipping. If I have to pay shipping, it’s usually cheaper for me to buy it at the store. If you click on the pictures below, it will take you to the links on Amazon where you can check the current prices. ¬†Also when comparing prices, make sure you are comparing the same quantities. This list is for myself as well! So I remember what I ordered last time.

I’ve heard some people say they don’t buy supplements on Amazon. I’ve never had a problem. If they’re the cheapest (which 95% of the time they are), and it’s the brand I buy, I have no problem buying from them. If you buy probiotics from Amazon, sometimes they don’t send it with an ice pack. That would be the only issue if it’s summer or hot where you live. ¬†Otherwise, I’ve never received expired supplements or anything. I’m more concerned about the company making the product and if the product is high quality, not the quality of the distributor (Amazon).

Mineral Fusion Curl Care shampoo (I pay no more than $7.99. Goes on sale sometimes on Amazon for $6.79.). The curl care is the only version of Mineral Fusion that we can do. The other varieties have too much scent. The conditioner works great on thick, curly hair. If it’s not on sale on Amazon, I usually get it from Vitacost.



We’ve been using Desert Essence Fragrance Free body wash for years. Will double as bubble bath if you pour it in under the bath spout as the water is coming out. ¬†Other sites often have this cheaper (closer to $6). My older kids use an Ivory soap bar.¬†


Back when we first started Feingold, they suggested using aluminum foil baking cups so we did. Ahh! Now I know better! Aluminum will leach into your food just like colored/dyed baking cups will. No thank you! So we later switched to these unbleached parchment paper baking cups. We make LOTS of muffins so I go through these quickly. I have a huge box of them in my pantry. Same goes for the unbleached parchment paper. Regular wax paper is bleached…and waxy – seems gross to me to eat food that was cooked on wax. I use parchment paper on my stainless steel baking pan so that I don’t have to put my pan in the dishwasher every time I use it. I just wipe it down.¬†

And, we buy almost all of our supplements online. ¬†They’re almost always cheaper than in the store, and some supplements you can only find online. For more info on why or how we take certain supplements (too much to list here), check out my other blog posts on supplements. Links at the end of this post. And yes I know we take a LOT of supplements. This is between 4 kids and myself, and one with Lyme. If you have an FSA (flexible spending account) through work, you can get a letter from your doctor saying these supplements are medically necessary, and then get reimbursed for your supplements. We’ve done that.

And I’m not giving medical advice. Please check with your doctor before starting any new supplement protocol. If you need help and would like to discuss anything I talk about on my blog in more detail, sign up for a coaching appointment at this link.

Or join my new Facebook group All Natural Mom Group with Sheri Davis.



 has the magnesium spray cheaper (around $7). My mom says this stings slightly when you first put it on for some reason.




And below are some random things I’ve bought on Amazon.

Love my Instant Pot! This goes on sale every year right after Thanksgiving. I got mine for about $79. I use it at least once a week.

Extra Instant Pot inner pot. <3

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The Treating ADHD Naturally Conference is coming back to Chicago May 23, 2018! More details coming soon at

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