5 DIY Bug Sprays and Tick Repellent

My son went off to camp today so last night I made up some homemade bug spray. There are lots of recipes on the Internet. This one below is specifically for ticks. Geranium is safe for both kids and dogs. You can place one drop of geranium oil on your dog’s collar or shoulder blades […]

Which Essential Oil Brands To Use

OK so you want to use essential oils but now you have to decide which brand to buy. There’s a LOT of info out there and I suggest you do your own research, but I’ll give my own personal opinion on the matter based on my own experience and research. In May, I was sent […]

How We Use Essential Oils and Herbs

                                      We’ve been using essential oils (EO’s) and herbs for years for various things. I was first introduced to oils about ten years ago by my midwife who was also a certified herbalist. She killed me with […]