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Your girlfriend's guide to all natural solutions to ADHD, autism, and allergies via diet, supplements, and a natural lifestyle. Posting practical tips, recipes, and advice on how to implement the Feingold and GFCF (gluten and dairy free) diets, with a Biblical perspective.

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Sheri Davis

Sheri Davis is the mother of four kids, from a Kindergartner to a high schooler. She started the Feingold Diet for her oldest child when he was 4 years old and saw amazing results in just two days. She has been blogging about the Feingold Diet, the GFCF (gluten and dairy free) diet, ADHD, autism, supplements, biomed, her faith, and all things natural since 2009. Her family has dealt with and overcome symptoms of ADHD, Tourette’s, high-functioning autism, dyslexia, seizures, food allergies, and more.   Sheri has a passion for educating parents and helping moms help their kids.    In 2014, Sheri authored, “All Natural Mom’s Guide to the Feingold Diet” which quickly became a best-seller and has over 200 five-star reviews. Her second book, "Doing Disney on a Special Diet" will be released in May, 2017. And her third book, “Living Dye Free in a Cotton Candy World” will be released in late 2017.   In 2015, she started the Treating ADHD Naturally Conference which will be held in collaboration with AutismOne on May 24, 2017 in Colorado Springs. To register for this one-day event, go to www.mothersdetermined.com.   In 2016, Sheri started coaching parents on how to treat ADHD naturally via diet, supplements, and testing. Use the "Contact Me" link to set up an appointment.   Sheri has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Elmhurst College and she resides in Illinois with her family.

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