The All Natural Pregnancy

I could have labeled this post “How to Prevent Autism” because I do believe a woman can greatly reduce her chances of having a child with autism by taking care of herself before and during pregnancy.  But, in striving for an all natural pregancy, you can reduce a whole host of other issues as well.  […]

Announcing Brooklyn Grace!

All Natural Mom of 3 becomes All Natural Mom of 4!   Brooklyn Grace was born safely at home on my due date, September 14th, 2010, at 5:08am.  Yes, I was up all night.  Not a quickie like I had hoped for.  14 hours of labor, 13 of those being with very mild contractions, and about 2 […]

Lynsey’s Homebirth Story

Lynsey’s Home Birth Story August 1st, 2003 After hearing too many times that my bouncing off the walls, never stop, energizer bunny son was “all boy”, I was determined that my next child would be “all girl”.  Two years before she was even born, I painted our spare bedroom pink.  With my first child, I had read the book, “Taking […]

Cody’s Homebirth Story

Part of the reason I decided on homebirth was because of reading dozens of birth stories online.  I think had the most, and they group them so you can read homebirth stories, hospital, C-section,etc.  Nearly every story I read about homebirth seemed about 100 times better than all the other hospital birth stories.  The hospital stories […]

Why We Decided To Have Home Births

All 4 of my kids were born at home with a midwife, with no drugs. I never imagined myself giving birth without drugs at home, but after I got married and we were thinking about concieving, I decided to read up on pregnancy and childbirth. I started reading on a web site called, which […]