Vanilla Frosting – Feingold Stage 1

3 cups powdered sugar (I use organic)

3 TB butter (Earth’s Balance Soy Free or Land O’Lakes or organic butter)

*2 to 3 TB rice milk or whole milk (I use Pacific)

1 tsp vanilla extract (if you are gluten free, make sure it says GF)

Combine all ingredients in a mixer and beat until smooth.  Add rice milk slowly.  Add more or use less to get the proper consistency. 
I use this recipe for the frosting on muffins to use for birthday treats.  I add it to banana or pumpkin muffins. 

You can use a zip lock bag to frost.  Fill the bag with frosting and cut a small triangle off of one corner.  Then squeeze out onto the muffins starting from the outside and working your way around in a circle till you get to the middle.  I use a Wilton cake frosting tip in the bag to make it look prettier.
We usually add sprinkles.  India Tree sells naturally colored sugar crystals (Whole Foods or health food store). 
To freeze, place frosted muffins on a plate and place in your freezer for 30-60 minutes or until the frosting is hard, then store in a large zip lock bag.  Take one out as you need them.  Takes about an hour or so to defrost. 

 *If you want to color your frosting, use less rice milk.  You can add a pale color using the juice from frozen strawberries or other berry.  It will add a very slight flavor as well, depending on how much you use. 
My kids don’t care about the color any more, but like to add sprinkles.  India Tree makes natural food coloring, but it’s very expensive, makes pretty ugly colors, and has a bad taste. 
I have found that Maca Powder (by Nativas Naturals) colors really well.  We used it to color lemonade.  It is a berry though so would be Feingold stage 2.  It makes a violet color.  It’s also an antioxidant.   
Feingold Stage 1 (if you color using berries, it would be stage 2)

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