How to Dehydrate On the Feingold Diet

I LOVE my dehydrator! I have an Excalibur 9-tray dehydrator. I bought it directly from the manufacturer for about $279 or so. I would also suggest buying a few tray liners along with your dehydrator. I have 7. I bought the Excalibur brand. You will need them if you make beef jerky or fruit leathers. […]

30 Days of Feingold Dinners (Week 2)

Our second week of dinners. These are dinners from 30 days straight in May. I’ve just now gotten around to putting the post together. Please see the previous post (Week 1) for details on what diets we do, etc. Thanks!  Wednesday BBQ Shredded Beef I order this and the BBQ sauce from You can get […]

30 Days of Feingold Dinners (week 1)

When people hear all the dietary restrictions my kids have, the first question I get is, “What can they eat?”, followed by “What do you feed them?” It’s actually not all that different than what they were eating before, just without the gluten and dairy. I decided to take pictures and document everything we eat […]

30 Days of Grocery Shopping, Feingold Style

Last month, I posted a couple of my shopping trips on All Natural Mom’s Facebook page. Everyone wanted to know how long this food would last us. I took a picture of every shopping trip for about 30 days to show what a typical month’s worth of groceries looks like and how long the food […]

All Natural Mom’s Guide to the Feingold Diet Intro

Update: Now available on Amazon!  Click here to buy, or visit my sales page at The intro and chapters below have been edited since I originally posted this last year. You will find a slightly different version in the completed book. You can view the intro and first two chapters for free on Amazon.  All […]

Just Say No To Yellow Dyes – With Food Babe at Kraft

Just got back from Kraft Headquarters in Northfield, IL where Vani Hari, AKA Food Babe, delivered a petition with over 277,000 signatures asking Kraft to remove yellow dyes from all Kraft macaroni and cheese products. Kraft has already removed yellow dyes from their mac-n-cheeses in the UK. Why not the U.S. too? Kraft claims that […]

Feingold Meal Planning

I wrote out what each of my kids like for meals and snacks. This is good to do when you start feeling stumped as to what to feed your kids. It’s also a good list to give to Grandma who might take your kids for the weekend. This does not include what my kids might […]

Feingold Success Stories

I am looking for some Feingold success stories to add to my e-book which should be out in March, 2013 on Kindle. If you would like to submit something, please leave a comment beginning with:  “Our testimonial” so I  know it’s OK to use.  Please include your first name and the state that you live […]