Need A Laugh? Don’t We All?

Below are some funny things my kids have said or done. If you’re doing biomed and a have a child with autism or ADHD, you NEED a good laugh. 🙂

1. On the way home from preschool one day, I asked my 3-year old son Cody how he got crumbs in his hair. He said very matter of factly, “I don’t know. That’s just how God made me. He put crumbs in my hair.”

2. After I had my last baby, my son Cody asked me why my belly was still big. I told him my midwife said it’s mostly gas. He said, “Oh, so the baby farted a lot in there?”

3. After Dylan was born, Lynsey who was 3, wanted to know why my belly was still big. She didn’t like my explanation that the baby was out but my belly would still be big for a little while. She concluded that her baby sister was in there and named her Dee Dee. She told everyone for the next year that her baby sister Dee Dee was in my tummy. I always had to explain to everyone that there was no baby in my tummy, but thank you Lynsey for making everyone look at my baby fat.

4. When Cody was 6, we tried to prepare him for the birth of his baby brother, who would be born at home. We were thinking about whether or not we would let him in the room while his brother was being born (he ended up sleeping through it), so I wanted to try to prepare him for what he might see. He was asking a lot of questions. I remember telling him that first the baby’s head would come out, and then after some more pushes, the rest of the baby’s body would come out, starting with the shoulders, etc. He kept asking me to explain this part again. After a few weeks, he told me again, “I still don’t get it… I mean, I get how the baby’s head comes out first, but how do they get the body attached back to the baby’s head?” This might take a minute…Apparently, the way I explained it, he thought that I meant that the baby’s head comes out first (the head alone), and then later out pops the body separately with no head. He wanted to know how the doctor’s re-attach everything. 🙂

5. My son’s name is Dylan and we often call him Dyl. In the car one day, my son Cody asked me to explain to him again how to make Dill pickles (my grandma makes them for us). I told them that you take cucumbers, and add water, vinegar, garlic, and some dill. (My son Dylan says, “Huh?”) My daughter Lynsey then asks, “Then how do you make Lynsey pickles?”

6. When my son Dylan was about 1, he used to always ask “Where’s Dada?”. One day in the car, he kept asking over and over, “Where’s Dada?” and my daughter who was 4 kept answering, “He’s at work!” every time he asked. Finally, after answering him over and over, she said, “He’s at work ya’ idiot!” (This from a child who had limited speech.)

7. As my 8 year old was eating some homemade chicken nuggets that he doesn’t particularly like, but I make him eat, he says, “Can you add some MSG to this?” (I had explained to him prior that McDonald’s and other food manufacturers add the chemical MSG to their foods, and it tricks your brain into thinking it tastes better and it makes you addicted to it.)

8.   One night as I was tucking my son in bed, I told my him, “You know, there’s nothing you could ever do that would make me love you any less.”  He didn’t say a word, but turned around and hugged me.  (Aww.) 🙂  So, I go into my daughter’s room and say the same thing.  Suddenly, I feel a punch on the side of my head and she says, “Do you love me now?”  A little taken back and trying not to laugh, I say, “Yes.”  So she bops me again, and says, “How ’bout now?”  The little stinker. 🙂 

9.  The other day, we pull up to the county court house.  My daughter says, “Where are we?”  I said, “We’re at the courthouse.”  She looks out the window and says, “Does Court live in a building?” 

Proverbs 17:22 “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

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