Why We Don’t Vaccinate

I could devote an entire blog to this subject, but I’ll try to keep it as brief as I can. That will be hard.

Why did we choose not to vaccinate?

When I was pregnant with my first child, I started reading a lot of books on the subject of pregnancy and childbirth. During that time, we decided to do homebirth. Our Bradley instructor and my midwife suggested we wait till our baby was at least 6 months old to vaccinate, to give their immune system some time to develop. That was about all I had learned about it.

When Cody was 3 days old, we took him to the pediatrician for a well check up. They wanted to give him the Hepatitis B shot. I questioned the nurse and asked if he really needed that at just 3 days old. She explained that Hepatitis is contacted through sexual contact or sharing needles. I was pretty sure he would not be getting into either of those at 3 days old. She then said he could get it from restaurants, day cares, or anywhere and it was very dangerous and he needed to be vaccinated for his protection. I was kind of leary, but let them do it. (By the way, by the time I had my third child, my doctor was no longer giving this shot at birth. The nurse actually told me that giving a vaccination to a 1 day old newborn was dangerous to the baby’s health so they don’t do it anymore – they give it later. Thank you for testing that out on my child.)

At his two month check up, he also received shots. I was still not sure about it, but they again talked me into it, using their scare tactics and giving you that look and tone of, “Oh, honey. You’re so young and naive. You don’t know what’s best for your baby…we do.”

By his next check up, I had decided to look on the Internet to get more information on vaccines and their safety. In my gut, something just didn’t feel right. (This is your God-given mommy instinct. Listen to it!) One other big reason I had questions about vaccine safety was because of a woman at my Dad’s company. This is the sweetest woman you will ever meet. She has a 30-year old son with severe autism who is living in an institution. Her son was developing fairly normally with just a few oddities, but nothing alarming. 

One day when he was 5, he woke up one morning and he had lost most of his speech and has never been the same since. She was told he had autism. I asked her if she thought it was from the vaccines, and she said she did think that had something to do with it because he did get the MMR vaccine around that time. 

I had another friend who had just told me that her co-worker had two sons with autism and she thought it was from the vaccines. This was in the year 2000, when rumor had just started to spread about the MMR vaccine possibly causing autism. I didn’t have to spend much time contemplating this one. It just seemed like common sense to me. I knew too many people or had heard of too many people with kids with autism, and I knew not one child with polio, measles, mumps, or rubella. 

Even if my child did come down with some of the things they vaccinate for like chicken pox or the flu, I didn’t feel there was a high likelihood that they would die or develop a serious, life altering disorder like autism. We have advanced medical care here in the U.S. The people that die from these diseases today are often dying because they live in third world countries where they don’t have the access or money to get to a doctor for treatment. They also often are not able to practice good hygiene which would prevent the attaining of and spreading of these diseases because of severe poverty.

Polio has almost been eradicated. At the time of this writing (2009) , the last case of polio was in 1993 in Peru, and the man who got it, caught it through someone who had received the polio vaccine. Children in the U.S. today are at an extremely low risk for polio so why continue vaccinating them when the risk of autism is much higher (like 1 in 150!)?  My doctor even told me when my son was a baby that they may stop vaccinating for polio soon. 

It just seemed to me that my kids had a greater chance of developing autism or of having a bad reaction to a vaccine than they did of acquiring one of these diseases they vaccinate for. If they did happen to get one of these diseases, the chances of them having serious or life threatening affects from them were low.

So I began to research. I read books on the subject as well as researched online. I came across the Illinois Vaccine Awareness Coalition (IVAC) web site – www.vaccineawareness.org.

The site had some very helpful information that helped me make my decision to no longer vaccinate. The stats alone were astonishing. These stats came straight from the CDC (Center for Disease Control). This alone blew my mind. Why hadn’t my doctor shared these statistics with me? Why did he only show me vague information which claimed these vaccines were “safe?” 

The information I saw on the CDC’s web site was straight from the horses mouth. The same government that was trying to force me to vaccinate my child was telling me how many kids died from each vaccine (some vaccines more than others oddly) and how many more suffered severe reactions.  These are not the stats your doctor is going to share with you. 

The IVAC web site states that these numbers are likely MUCH higher in actuality because many reactions are not reported by the doctors, and still many more have reactions or fatalities and don’t realize they were vaccine related.

I couldn’t believe how high the numbers were and how little I had heard of it in the news. If all these kids are having reactions and even dying, why haven’t we heard about it? Why aren’t we being warned when we question the safety of these vaccines in our doctor’s office? (I’ve heard they may be working on making this a requirement finally). 

When I finally did tell my doctor we were no longer going to vaccinate, I got to listen to a speech about why vaccines are necessary and how they basically thought I was crazy for not giving them, and how they don’t cause autism. I told her all the research I had done on vaccines, and how I didn’t feel they were safe. 

My doctor then gave me a ONE page flyer trying to convince me otherwise that basically said, “Vaccines are safe and necessary.” No stats. No mention of serious side effects. No mention of the number of kids who have died from these vaccinations. No mention of the number of kids who have been diagnosed with autism after receiving vaccinations. No mention of where these vaccines come from and how they are made. No mention that they contain deadly toxins like mercury and aluminum. 

If a glass vile of a vaccine is accidentally dropped in a doctor’s office, it is considered hazardous material and must be carefully disposed of, yet we inject it into our newborns? Do the doctor’s merely not know any of this information? If by chance they don’t know, I think it’s time they educate themselves for the sake of their patients and get their information from sources other than the American Academy of Pediatrics or the pharmacies who are making billions of dollars making these vaccines.

So where do vaccines come from?

Many of the vaccines are made by growing a live virus such as measles in a living organism. They can use aborted fetuses (this can be a major issue for Christians against abortion), cows (some of these could have had mad cow disease), or monkeys and apes (who could have various diseases as well including HIV/AIDS). 

I saw on the news a couple of years ago that they had linked a large group of people who were now in their 50’s all coming down with the same rare disease that had only been seen in a group of monkeys. This group of monkeys was the same group that was used to make a polio vaccine that this age group had received when they were younger. So, it took them how many years to discover that this vaccine that thousands of kids received was tainted? How long will it take them to figure out the very vaccines we are giving our children today are causing problems (such as autism, ADHD, childhood diabetes, seizure disorders, severe food and environmental allergies, asthma)?

In order for a vaccine to recieve FDA approval, they only have to watch for negative side effects for the first 20 days. 20 days! They are not required to do any studies to watch for long term effects. Isn’t it the FDA’s job to protect us? Don’t count on it. It’s your job as a parent to protect your child and no one else’s. The government looks out for the best interest of the country as a whole, not the individual, and most decisions are money driven. What’s good for the whole is not always what’s best for the individual.

Take vaccine injury lawsuits for example. They put a cap on how much you can sue Big Pharma for vaccine injury related deaths – $250,000. On certain vaccines, they recently blocked any lawsuits from being filed. Why? Because they knew there would be lawsuits, and that if they allowed them, the pharmacy that made them would go bankrupt and the government would have no company left to make the vaccines that they need for military personnel and to protect the country from biological warfare. That doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling about vaccines or the government’s job of protecting us.

Ever seen those signs at your doctor’s office about a shortage in tetanus or flu shots. Why is their a shortage? Because there are only one or two pharmaceutical companies left who will make the vaccine. The others stopped making them because they were no longer profitable because of all the lawsuits and probably their high cost of insurance to make them. I’m sure the government backed the last company left who are making them.

Think vaccines no longer contain mercury? Think again.

At minimum, the flu vaccines still contain mercury. As for the other vaccines, the pharmaceutical companies merely received a suggestion from the government to stop adding thimersol (mercury) to the vaccines, but it was not mandated, and some still do contain mercury. You can check with your doctor on the ones they have in their office, but I would not take their word for it. Ask to look on the vile yourself if you choose to vaccinate.

So what if the mercury is not in the vaccine you choose to give your child? It’s OK then right? Wrong. They still use aluminum to preserve the vaccines, which is just as toxic as mercury. Aluminum combined with mercury is extremely toxic, and one vaccine may contain mercury and one aluminum, and the two shots are often given on the same day. Some studies have shown that aluminum is just as toxic as mercury. We’ve all heard that aluminum has been shown to cause Alzheimer’s Disease.

It didn’t take me long to come to the conclusion that I was never going to give my son another vaccination. I would highly recommend if you have young children or are thinking about having children, that you educate yourself before getting to the doctor’s office or before your baby is born. 

Do NOT go into the office saying, oh I’m not sure. I think I’ll “discuss” it with my doctor. You will not get a biased answer and I believe they are required to tell you that vaccines are safe, whether they believe it or not. Dentists can lose their license if they tell a patient that the mercury in amalgam fillings are not safe, even if they believe they are not. So much for freedom of speech in America.

If you do choose to vaccinate, you need to take the proper precautions. These are just off the top of my head. The best precaution of course is not to vaccinate at all.

1. Do not give your child vaccinations if they are sick. The viruses and toxins in the vaccines, on top of the virus or bacteria they are trying to fight off, will be WAY too much for their immune system to handle. If your child is sick all the time, this should be a clue to you. Stop vaccinating.

2. Do not give your child Tylenol either before or after the vaccinations. I had never heard this before recently. Tylenol lowers glutathione levels in the body. Glutathione is necessary to help the body remove toxins (such as live viruses and mercury). If the body cannot remove the toxins from the body, they can cause devastating effects. One of the many causes of autism is toxin overload. Glutathione gel is one of the treatments for autism.

3. Do not give vaccinations if there is a history of autism in the family, or especially if there is a history of developmental delay in the immediate family. Some kids are born with mitochondrial dysfunction or immune system dysfunction, sometimes passed on to the child from the mother. If you add vaccinations to the mix, you too often get autism. Many vaccines are given so early in a child’s life, that it’s hard to determine whether they were born that way, or if it was caused by the vaccinations themselves. If you notice your child is not meeting developmental markers or is not talking age appropriately, stop vaccinating.

4. If your child has had seizures, stop vaccinating. Many of the moms with kids with autism have kids with seizure disorders as well. One mom told me she looked back at her child’s health records, and all of his febrile (fever induced) seizures took place within one week of his vaccinations. Vaccines CAN cause seizure disorders to develop in children. I’ve read and have been told by my doctor that children usually outgrow seizures by about 5-6 years old. Hmmm. That’s just about the same time when they stop giving a bunch of vaccinations. And many moms report seizures starting when the child is several months old – around the same time when they are bombarded with vaccines. If your child has seizures, note when they occurred in relation to when they received their vaccines.

5. Ask for the MMR vaccine to be given as three separate shots instead of one and don’t give them all on the same day. This vaccine is notorious for attributing to autism.

6. If your child misses some vaccines when they are younger, do not give “catch up” shots for Kindergarten. Read about the Hannah Poling case. This is what her family did. She was a neurotypical child. When she was 5, she was given 9 shots in one day in order to catch her up for missed shots so she could enter Kindergarten. She got very sick over the next few months, developed a severe seizure disorder, and within a few months, developed severe autism. 

Her parents sued and won! This is one of the few cases of vaccine injury that has won in court. There are 65 other similar cases in the Supreme Court today awaiting trial. The reason this is so important is because they were able to prove that before her shots, she was completely normal, had full speech, no behavioral issues, no seizures. After the shots, she changed. (This is what parents of kids with autism have been screaming for years. If you have a baby who has been vaccinated since at least 2 months old or from the day of birth, it is almost impossible to prove that they weren’t born with autism. 

However, so many parents have said that after their 18 month MMR vaccination, their child became a completely different child, lost the speech they had, lost interest in things, and sunk into their own little world, never to come back.) They tested Hannah and discovered she had mitochondrial dysfunction which when they added the vaccines, it triggered autism. This is often the case. A child usually has some kind of issue going on to begin with and when you add vaccines, you completely aggravate the issue, causing them to spiral into autism. 

It is difficult to tell as a newborn if your child has any issues yet, but there are some tests you can do, and researchers should look into that aspect before suggesting that every child should be vaccinated. Not every child can handle the onslaught of junk that is being injected into them. That is why it is important that if you already have a child with issues, you do not vaccinate your other children. There can be a genetic predisposition there that you don’t want to take any chances with. There are many cases of autism, where the parents decided not to vaccinate their next child at all, and that turns out to be their only child without issues. Go figure.

7. Help your child’s body fight off the viruses that were injected into them by supporting their immune system. Give them Vitamin C, plenty of rest, lots of water to flush out the toxins, epsom salt baths, glutathione gel, etc. Treat them like you would if they were sick. Their immune system just got dealt a huge blow and they will be trying to fend off the invaders (the viruses and the toxins like mercury and aluminum), whether they appear sick or not. How would you feel if you came down with measles, mumps, rubella, polio, and hepatitis all in the same day? Oh, and throw in one of the most dangerous substances on earth – mercury. Now imagine you weigh just 10 to 20 pounds.

8. Before you vaccinate, educate! Educate yourself on vaccines and their safety before you get to the doctor’s office or before your first child is born. 

Some good books: 

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children’s Vaccinations by Dr. Stephanie Cave  

Don’t Vaccinate! Before You Educate by Dr. Mayer Eisenstein

The Flu Hoax by Dr. Joseph Mercola

A good DVD Documentary: The Greater Good

9. Pray that your child does not have a negative reaction to the vaccines.

10. Pray before you vaccinate and ask God for guidance on your decision and ask Him to reveal to you if you should not vaccinate.

One more reason why we don’t vaccinate and why I have little fear for my children catching one of these diseases: faith in God. God is in control of everything first and foremost. I’m not against doctors and medicine. There is a time and a place for man-made medicine. But, I believe that God gave us all that we need to prevent, treat, and heal our bodies through food, herbs, and everything else on this earth. I don’t believe he would put us here without the means to properly take care of ourselves. That would just be cruel, and God is a loving God. 

Many of the times that we need modern medicine is because we have failed to properly care for our bodies, and for the earth for that matter. Sometimes we can do all that we can personally, but the earth is so polluted, we are still bombarded with toxins. If we took care of our children’s health and maintained proper health, especially with the way they eat, I don’t believe our kids would be at serious risk for these diseases. 

I have faith that God will protect my children from these diseases because we have chosen to honor God in our decision to not vaccinate. We do not choose to willingly inject into our children something that we KNOW is harmful. We are responsible before God for their well being and safety and we believe we are protecting them from some very harmful toxic substances.

These diseases were already on the decline when vaccines were introduced. Why? Because of hygiene and better living conditions, not because of the vaccines themselves. Doctors used to never wash their hands in between seeing patients. Some doctors worked on dead bodies, then walked over to a delivery room and delivered a baby. The woman would contract an infection and die. That is why only the poor delivered their babies in hospitals. The rich delivered at home. They were afraid of getting infections from the hospital. They had no idea that if the doctor would just wash his hands, they could prevent the spread of infections and prevent deaths. 

How simple, yet the man who first suggested this was laughed at and considered a fool in his time. Some discount the idea that vaccines could cause so many issues and so many cases of autism, but I believe it is only a matter of time before they realize all these moms and DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) doctors were right. But this will be at the expense of too many innocent children and families.

But, think about vaccines. In order to try to stop the spread of a disease, we are going to intentionally inject our BABIES with the disease, so that their bodies will create an immunity to it and they won’t catch the disease. 

That so called “immunity” only lasts for so long (which is why kids get more than one dose of a vaccine), and it is not 100% effective for preventing the disease. The flu vaccine is an example. Dr. Mercola wrote a book on it called The Flu Hoax. Rarely does the flu vaccine prevent you from getting the flu, or even a “lesser degree” of it. There are tons of strains of flu and they never know which is going to be going around the next year when they make them. They guess! Many of the flu vaccines also contain mercury.

How Would My Child Go to School Without Shots?

Mine do. The laws vary by state. In California, a parent just needs to sign a waver that they don’t want to vaccinate. How nice. We live in Illinois. Here, you must write a letter to your child’s school claiming religious exemption or you can get your doctor to sign a note saying that it would be a health risk to vaccinate your child. 

If you have a child already with autism, you can try to get your doctor to sign one if they’re willing, but it’s easier to write a religious exemption letter. In Illinois, you must be specific in using certain words like “spiritual” or “higher power” at least 3 times, and other phrases. It’s kind of ludicrous. 

I got an example off of IVAC’s web site. Below is the letter we have used at about 8 different schools – public and private, churches and preschools. No one has questioned it. I have been told that if a case of one of these infectious diseases goes around, they may require our child to stay home for a time. They think that because our child isn’t vaccinated, they will catch the disease and spread it to others. This makes no sense to me, because it’s most likely that whoever has the disease WAS vaccinated, so why did they get it? They believe that we would be putting other kids at risk, but if all the rest of the kids are vaccinated and if vaccines are effective, why should they be at risk at all?

Religious Exemption Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

As parents, based on our personal religious beliefs, we object to the following vaccinations, including but not limited to, Dtap/DPT, HepB, Hib, Tetanus (TB), MMR, Polio, and Varicella (Chicken Pox), for our child, ___________.

Our child’s body is the temple of God. Our family’s personal religious beliefs prohibit the injection of foreign substances into our bodies. To inject into our child any substance which would alter the state into which he was born would be to criticize our Lord and question His divine omnipotence. Our faith will not allow us to question our Lord and God, nor to challenge His divine power.

I Corithians 6: 19-20, “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have received from God? …Therefore honor God with your body.”

II Corinthians 7:1, “…let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God.

Our objection is based on our lifelong, deeply-held spiritual beliefs based on scripture.

The vaccination of our child violates laws put forth within us by a higher force at the time of conception.

Our personal religious beliefs include our obedience to God’s law, the Holy Bible, and we believe that we are responsible before God for the life and safety of our child, created by God.


Your name

One thing that I was surprised to find when we started the GFCF diet was how many parents of kids with autism believe that vaccines were a huge contributing factor to their child’s development of autism. I would say it’s close to 100% of the people on the GFCF forum and close to 100% of the parents attending Autism One conferences where Jenny McCarthy speaks.

My daughter was never vaccinated, but I believe if she was, she would have severe autism. She also has a severe egg allergy. Some vaccines are made from eggs. If she were vaccinated, she could have had a severe allergic reaction. If my son Dylan was vaccinated, I can’t imagine how much worse his seizures could have been, and he may have suffered seizures much earlier than 12 months old, when he may not have been so lucky to survive them.

Some people in the spotlight like Jenny McCarthy will say they are not anti-vaccines. I’m not afraid to admit it – I’m anti-vaccines. I don’t think there is a way to “green” our vaccines. Without using potent toxins like mercury and aluminum to preserve these vaccines, they are no good. I don’t believe they know of any other way to preserve them. 

I also think that the reason some of the people in the spotlight say they are not anti-vaccine is so that people don’t discount them completely. Jenny says in her book that if she ever had another child, she would not vaccinate them. She did stop vaccinating her son, Evan when she started biomed. She’s also under attack from big pharmacy companies and others who make literally billions of dollars off vaccines and don’t like her speaking out against vaccines. She now has a body guard.

Vaccines may cause 70% of all cases of autism. Here’s a staggering statistic of a recent poll: Of those parents who have recovered their children from autism, 99% stopped vaccinating after beginning biomed treatment. Of those kids that were not responding to biomedical treatment, 79% of them were still vaccinating. This shows a strong link between vaccines and autism. 

In Amish communities where they don’t vaccinate, there is almost no autism. In the U.S. population, as of 2009, 1 in 150 children has some form of autism). What’s the stats for children with Hepatitis – like 1 in a million, if that? You do the math. I’ll take my chances with those instead and trust God.

I could go on forever. There is so much information out there on the safety (or non-safety) of vaccines. There’s even more info out there today than there was in the year 2000. You owe it to your children to at least research it before you decide to vaccinate. Don’t get your information from your doctor either! Your doctor will not give you the facts and it requires longer than 2 minutes in your doctor’s office to gather all the information about vaccinations. How long did it take you to read this post? And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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  1. Thankyou for sharing this awesome eye opening blog. You have confirmed everything the Lord has put on my heart regarding the danger of these evil poisons that injure and kill our children. I asked the Lord very specifically to answer my questions about vaccine and use someone to do it. He used you. I can't thank you enough.
    Our beautiful daughter was 6 yrs old when she was diagnosed with cancer. She fought and NEVER gave up, her faith and love for Jesus only grew stronger. She is with Jesus now. I asked the Lord no matter how much it hurt to PLEASE show me what caused the cancer, I needed to know. He showed me the truth about vaccines and how they cause cancer. I was devastated to say the least. I was tricked and decieved by the men in white coats who say how safe it is all the while lying straight to your face all in the name of profit and greed. It makes me SICK to think I trusted them with my precious daughter thinking I was being a good protective mommy. I have to give my rage and anger to the Lord everyday. I know it was my responsibility to protect her and I thought I was. I asked many many questions always feeling like something wasnt right. You are right, those are the God given mommy instincts, when you feel those RUN!! You are never wrong!! If I would've ran then, she might be with us today. I pray for divine justice for my daughters murder here on earth. I want to see the vaccination program completely annihilated and wiped out never to be seen again! EVER!! It is so evil! I'm so sick of the way they intimidate and lie to parents. I feel like the devil is using this program to kill God's creation. I don't understand how christians can vaccinate without asking God what he thinks or just thinking WWJD? Would Jesus approve of poison in his beautiuful creation?? Of course not!! I pray God uses our story, pain and suffering for his glory and the truth and awareness to be told!!
    Thank you again for this awesome post. I am sharing it with all my friends. You are an awesome woman of God and your children are so very blessed to have you as their mommy! I am 18 weeks pregnant right now and having a home birth. My midwife is in complete agreement about NO vaccinations and no Vit K shot. Have you researched the dangers on the Vit K shot? It's crazy! They say it's linked to leukemia and cancern in children as they get older. Why not just take alfalfa as you get closer to your due date and make sure your taking adequate amounts of Vit K so you have what the baby needs when your nursing? I stand in awe of God and how perfectly he created us. He knows what he's doing and has made our bodies to function perfectly MINUS the man made poison and synthetic medicines! I thank God for doctors too when there is an emergency, etc..but that's as far as it goes for us!
    Blessings to you and your beautiful family. I pray that we can make a difference while we are here and save as many babies and children from these horrendous shots.
    God Bless
    Rachel BYers

  2. Rachel,

    Amen! Thank you so much for sharing your story! I'm so sorry for your loss. I pray that many will read your post and make the choice to not vaccinate. Too many children and families are suffering needlessly because of these vaccines and they don't even know it. Awareness is so key. There was a T-Shirt at the Autism One conference this year that said, "Too Many. Too Soon." referring to the number of vaccines and how young the kids are when they get them. I always think of it as too many kids taken away too soon. Some kids are literally dying because of these vaccines and it just breaks my heart.

    I pray that God gives you a beautiful, healthy baby. Thanks so much for your post. 🙂


  3. Watching the report on dateline the other night A dose of controversary: MMR Vaccine and Dr. Wakefield. The report stated, as one of the good points for the MMR side, that the MMR vaccine may only cause autism in a small percentage of children. Whether this is true or not- My question to Dateline would be: isn't it worth investigation to keep one child from being a victim of autism?

  4. i would love to know your thoughts. we have 4 children, ages 1-5. since our first child's birth, we've investigated and sought out counsel and research about vaccinations. i feel like if we lived in the united states, we would be more likely to not vaccinate. we live in brazil. the living conditions are poor where we live, there is not the improvement in hygeine that people talk about when the diseases declined. some diseases have been on the decline in recent years, but i seriously doubt it is because of improved conditions as the united states can point to for the decline in disease there…it's because of vaccinations. and, for example, polio has been stated to have been practically eradicated except for in africa, southeast asia, and the eastern mediterranean, from what i've read. but, what about contact with people from those places? if you aren't vaccinated and come into contact with someone who is 'contaminated'…

    we come into contact in our work here with so many different people from so many different countries and living situations…very close contact. we are missionaries here and are constantly doing medical/dental clinics, etc. these places are not at all the way the states seems…sterilized from all disease (comparatively speaking). disease is rampant in lesser developed countries. what do you suggest about that scenario?

    even things like the hep b vaccine. we thought it preposterous to give to our children when we were first approached, but the more we thought about it, the more it seemed to 'fit' our needs. my husband is a pilot. our mission does flight evacs out of the jungle at times…people within the tribes. our children will likely be helping with that work in some capacity in the future…or are much more likely to be subjected to blood and bodily fluids in our work even now than, say, if we lived in the suburbs of the united states.

    i am asking this because i truly am seeking answers…i'm not trying to be accusatory or play the devil's advocate here at all. i have a long history of seeking answers out about this, so i'd be interested in hearing your thoughts. thank you.

  5. Dear Sheri, thanks so much for your blog. I am on your same boat, meaning homebirth, homeschool, no vaccines. Life is so wonderful when lived plain and with a strong faith in God. I have 2 beautiful children; my oldest daughter did receive all her vaccines in Guatemala City, but we educated ourselves and stopped vaccinations on our son since he was born here in the US.
    I believe eating right is key, starting with breast milk exclusively till 6 months, then introducing solids one by one and keeping away from packaged baby foods. Nursing until 2 years of age seems the best for me in this country and in any third world country like my own.
    Analili Burrows (Corinth, TX)

    • Hi Analili ,2013 here and I'm glad to hear we are like-minded . Homebirth and home education .I just got a flyer in the mail on vaccinations ;it even says the vaccines have aluminum in them . Why take risks ?Our pediatrician kicked us out for not vaccinating but I don't mind . It is time for Drs .to use their own head instead of following the dictates of big government.M.J.Mills

  6. Hi Michawn. Well, I didn't get many responses, but I do have a "few" thoughts. 🙂 I posted a comment here, but it got too long and exceeded the maximum characters allowed! Oops. So, if you don't mind, I am going to post my response on a new post entitled "Vaccine Q&A." Would you mind if I posted your original question there?


  7. I was on the web last night and came upon your post.
    I read it and want to thank you for taking the time to write this all and post it! Ive been trying to spread the word about the ingredients in vaccines to parents who have concerns, but it seems impossible sometimes. I really do believe it should be mandatory for doctors to give out a paper listing everything in the vaccines.

    Instead they hand out these colorful flyers about how your child can be affected by HEP B or whatever it is they want you/or baby to be vaccinated for.
    Nothing about whats in the shots, and how theres no safe amount of the toxins found in childhood vaccines.

    It makes me sad, this generation of kids are going through so much. I actually heard that 1 in 56 boys is likely to have autism. Thats SCARY! Boys are weaker when born so when they're shot up with all those toxins it takes a much harder toll on their little systems, it takes a toll on babygirls systems as well, but apparently theres a higher effect on infant boys.

    Combo shots SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!! Hep B, polio, diphtheria, tetanus, shots should not be mandatory.

    Hep B- If your baby is going to be having unprotected sex or near dirty needles. OK. Still by the time the child is old enough to do those things, that hep b shot will no longer be effective.

    Polio- May BE a case or 2 in Africa, not U.S. Polio is also transferred through stool. Which is why back in the day polio was on the rise in summer time because people and infected people were always swimming and not wiping their butts, so poop would get into others mouth.
    All public pools would close during a polio scare because YOU CAN ONLY GET IT from POOP.

    So whats the chance your baby is going to get an polio positive persons poop in his/hers mouth.

    Diphtheria- Eradicated from the U.s.

    Your 2 month old is almost guaranteed not to come in contact with tetanus. There is a way to prevent infection as well. Peroxide and squeezing the blood out with deep cuts.

    Have faith in God not vaccines.
    God will never fail.
    Vaccines will, plus most cases they do more harm than good.

    Ok so i rambled. Im sorry. Im just glad i found your blog:)

    As someone who doesnt vaccinate or give fever reducers at the first sign of a low grade
    fever.. I start to feel alone.
    My Family and friends mostly listen to the doctors blindy and look at me like im weird for questioning anything and everyhing.

    My mom understands, because her son (my lil brother) was injuried and could of died with what the vaccines has done to his body. He is currently on a g/F diet and takes vitamins to naturally chelate the toxins. The thing is most insurance companies WILL not cover DAN doctors or neurologist so its hard and its expensive but we just have to find a way!!

  8. I have been wary of vaccinations for a while. Now, I am pregnant with my first and my husband and I both have felt a strong sense of alarm when it comes to the vaccines that are practically forced upon us. THANK YOU for this post. It sealed what God already had implanted in my heart. Blessings to you!

  9. This blog is scientifically incorrect. Please continue to do current research. The wild polio virus is still alive and active in the world with the one of the most recent cases in Pakistan Oct 22 2010. Why do you think you know not one child with polio. Because the preceding generations were required to be vaccinated….

    • I think you should do a little more research yourself. Many current cases in India and Pakistan were caused BY THE VACCINE!

    • This is patently false, Anonymous. These nebulous cases you speak of, you're retelling part of a story. The Taliban has banned vaccines to retaliate against US drone strikes. Also, in the hunt for bin Laden, the CIA worked with local doctors that used the vaccination as an opportunity to gain DNA evidence. Dumb move, because now, with the Taliban ban, the rates have shot up enormously.

      The thing that is frightening about all of these comments is how much people's feelings are talked about. Please, people, just because the idea of your child getting a shot bothers you, does not give you the right to endanger the people for whom vaccines are not a LEGITIMATE option. People who have compromised immune systems. The elderly. Newborns. You people live in a community. Please, PLEASE remember: you're children and you're feelings are not the most important thing. Think of the community in which you live.

  10. Thanks for your comment. I don't claim to be a scientist or an expert in the field of vaccinations. I am a mom who has done & will continue to do research on things that have an effect on my kids. I am aware that polio may still be out there. What I stated was that it is not of epidemic proportions, whereas autism, ADHD, allergies, & asthma are. My post was dated June, 2009, so no, I would not have known about a case dated October, 2010. As I stated, most of my research was done in the year 2000, when my first child was born. At that time, it was my doctor who told me that he didn't think the polio vaccine would be given to kids for much longer because it has been almost wiped out. If he gave me the wrong information…well, let's just say it wouldn't be the first time. I also read this information online on a vaccine web site. I am fully aware that vaccines do hault the spread of these infectious diseases, BUT that comes with a high price & there ARE side effects. There are other ways to hault the spread of these diseases as has been shown in the past. If they had been able to come up with a vaccine for rickets years ago, they would have. But do kids have rickets today? Not many, because we have learned that rickets can be "cured" by taking vitamin D, which is now added to our milk & other foods. The same thing with the bubonic plague. It spread like wildfire because of close living quarters & extreme lack of hygiene. Women died after childbirth b/c doctors were doing autopsies, didn't wash their hands &then went & delivered a baby and got deadly bacteria on the mother. I mention these b/c we have to stop relying so heavily on vaccines that are causing known harm to our kids. Children are not likely to die from chicken pox, yet we are adding another vaccine to the way too long list of vaccines they are already getting. So, yes, while vaccinating previous generations did help slow the spread of polio, their could have been other reasons it slowed like improved hygiene, improved nutrition, etc. I don't have all the specifics b/c as I stated, it didn't take long for me to decide not to vaccinate my kids. There was SO much evidence and information out there pointing me to believe that my kids would have "less" risk by not getting vaccinated. You are taking a risk either way. I cannot in clear conscience inject substances that I know are harmful into my child that God has given me responsibility over. I take all precautions to keep my children healthy so that they are at less risk of getting one of these diseases. And my point was, when's the last time a letter came home from school letting me know that there has been a case of polio in the class? It's unheard of. I encourage everyone to do their own research. I don't do research solely for the content of my blog. I do it to be a responsible parent who has to make decisions for young children who are not able to make those decisions for themselves. The purpose of my blog is to share what I have learned in my journey as a mom who seeks to honor God in how I raise my kids & take care of them. I hope that someone can learn from the mistakes that we have made, & I enjoy sharing what we have learned along the way. I know there are others out there who have been in the same situation or who are faced with the same decisions I have had to make when raising my kids. I sincerely hope that everyone who reads my blog does their own research, and doesn't just take my word for it. It is each person's responsibility to educate themselves. I know all I need to know personally about vaccines. I continue to learn more every day from other moms on boards and through books and online, but everything I read still points me to believe that vaccines are not safe for my children. If anything, I believe that even more so today than 10 years ago.


  11. Thanks for your blog. I always enjoy reading about others who don't vaccinate their kids as sometimes I feel alone on a drifting iceberg when it comes to the subject. So many people just blindly trust a doctor who literally study vaccinations for a few moments while in school, get prepped by Big Pharma and the government and then get kick downs from these same entities. It doesn't take a rational mind long to figure out what it going on and why. It is refreshing to me everytime I see that vaccination rates among educated people are dropping annually. It means people are waking up, slowly and not soon enough for the poor children, but hopefully one day vaccination will be eradicated. It breaks my heart when I read stories about children, beautiful and innocent, who have been stolen because of a shot. I thank those people who share those stories because they could have possibly saved my son from the same fate. I would rather take my chances with God on my side to have given my baby and myself the immune system that I need to keep me safe rather than relying on a stranger who cares not for a second about what happens after I leave their medical establishment. Because you know what, if doctors cared in general (not the ones who actually do the studies to prove vaccines aren't safe, but the ones who tell us blindly they are) then this insanity would be stopped. Because once you look long enough, the causal relationship is very crystal clear. Moms instincts about the life leaving their children are not wrong. Nobody knows a baby like their mother and father, nobody. Thanks for continuing to spread the word through your blog. I appreciate the input and the stories and pray to God to protect future generations from these awful vaccinations.

  12. Thank you so very much for caring enough to put this website together. When we stop caring that is our demise! When we stop fighting for each other and for the right, that is the moment we lose our humanity!

    Christine Wilkes
    Loving mother to Benj and Allison

  13. My little girl is 7 months old, and she has not been vaccinated. My husband and I think differntly about them. He thinks she should not be vaccinated till 2 years old. I think she should get a couple like HIB & DTP. The mercery in the shots scares us both. I have heard many things on autism being causes by them. Our families both have no history with autism, so I know the risk of her having autism in low. Just want more infor on the more natural things to help her.

  14. Go to the library and get the book on vaccines by Stephanie Cave and read it. There is a TON of information out there on vaccines and why they are not safe for our kids. It's good that you have waited. What you don't want to do though (if you do decide to give shots later on) is not to give her what they call "catch up shots." Do not give her any more shots and any closer together than what they would have done had she had them from birth. Meaning, don't get nine shots all at once to catch up. This might be even worse than if you had given them to her from the beginning b/c her body cannot possibly handle all those viruses and metals all at once. Mercury isn't the only problem with vaccines. Aluminum is just as bad, but that hasn't hit the local media just yet. It will. You really need to do some reading and then decide if you want to do vaccinations. Most parents (I believe), if they really do the research, will decide not to vaccinate. Most parents out there who do vaccinate their kids, just haven't done their research. As for thinking your child is at low risk for autism b/c it is not in your family. I would think again about that. I do not have any dianosed cases of autism in my family (which is large). I would say your risk might be lower, but it is not low if you choose to vaccinate. The risk is approximately 1 in 100. Having said that, there are certain disorders in families (besides autism) that might make your child more at risk to having problems with vaccinations, which might lead to autism. Those being, alcoholism, depression, schizophrenia, mental disorders, ADHD, suicide, etc. This is called the "Methylation Tree." People with these disorders have problems with methlyation – meaning clearing toxins from the body. If that runs in your family, and your child also has methylation problems, they will have a hard time clearing the toxins and viruses from their bodies from these vaccines. Instead of the body kicking them out, they will hang around in the body and wreak havoc. It may not show up as autism, but could show up as ADHD, allergies, asthma, etc. The other "tree" to look at in your family is the "Common Auto Immune" tree. This includes MS, celiac disease, chronic fatigue, lupus, diabetes, IBS, chrohn's disease, and a few others. Some of the above we do have in our family. If you have a lot of these in your family, your children would be at greater risk if they were vaccinated. Another good book is Jenny McCarthy's book, "Healing and Preventing Autism." They explain these "trees" in there and Chapter 16 is on vaccines. Take a trip to Borders (and quick b/c they're going out of business), and read at least this chapter, or pick it up at your library. You owe it to your daughter to do the research before you decide. Let me tell you, as a mother, autism is not fun. It affects every single day of your life and the lives of every family member. It is not an illness that your child gets for a week or two and then recovers. Recovery takes years of very hard work and often "recovery" is just vast improvement. In our case, my daughter was not vaccinated and she still developed autism, but that is because there are many cumulative causes of autism. Had she been vaccinated, she would likely have severe autism. I wish you the best for your family whatever you decide. You and your husband are ultimately the only ones responsible for your child (not your doctor, and not me), so you will have to make that decision for yourselves, but please do so with all the information you can. God bless.


  15. I am choosing to vaccinate my children after the age of two when they're immune systems are fully developed. My doctor(who admits to knowing little about delayed vac. schedule) seems to think that they should still recieve the same amount of shots as they would have from infancy. Everything that I am finding in research says that if your children are older when vaccinated they do NOT need as many doses of the vaccine. Can you HELP and let me know if anyone else's research has found the same??

    • Hi. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond! The CDC actually has posted a schedule for people who choose to delay vaccines until age 2 (I believe it is). You can google their web site. So, your dr. would be wrong. They just posted this in May, 2011. Kind of interesting that they did this. I think they are having to deal with parents who are educating themselves and not wanting to vaccinate now and are trying to present another option so at least they do vaccinate at some point. They should not receive more shots than they would have at infancy though in terms of spacing. Please don't give your child 9 shots in one visit to catch up! There are some shots they give to babies like for Rotavirus (this one may be optional), that if they are no longer an infant, they would not need. So, you can check out the web site. I think if you choose to vaccinate, this is a better way to go, but I can't say that I believe these vaccines are safe when given when the child is a little older. I believe they are unsafe at any age. It would be nice though if they delayed vaccines until age 2 for all children. Then they could see firsthand if vaccines do in fact cause issues. When they are given vaccines from birth, it's hard to prove if they were born with issues, or if the issues were caused by the vaccines. They do have some proof though, as I've described above. Good luck and I'm so glad you decided to do some research first before making your decision.

  16. Sheri,

    Thank you for this WEALTH of information. You are arming me with everything I need to go for a religious exemption. But I do have one problem – both my boys have been on a slower schedule since birth and I want to stop all vaccines with a religious exemption. How can I write my letter to defend my views now when I have already vaccinated?My boys are 19 months and 7 months – and my oldest has not had the MMR!!!! Thanks! ~Erin

  17. Mrs. L,

    Sorry it has taken me so long to respond! I've been having trouble with responding to my comments for some reason. Anyways, my first child was vaccinated at 3 days and then at 8 weeks, and then I stopped all vaccinations after that. So, we were kind of in the same boat and I've never had any problems. It might have helped though that we had changed doctors a couple times b/c we moved. As he got older, we rarely saw the dr, other than for school physicals. Since it had been a few years since we stopped vaccinating, when they would ask for his vaccination schedule from his previous dr, I would just tell them that we do not vaccinate. For preschool, they may have shown that he received those few vaccines, then they would write below or in that area, "refused" or something like that. I know the letter states something about a lifelong held belief, but you could argue that you didn't know about how vaccines were made and the ingredients,etc. until _____ (whenever you decided to stop). I don't think you'll have a problem. You need to be confident though with the schools. They know very little about the laws pertaining to vaccines, etc. They just know that if they were to be audited, they need to have a religious exemption letter on file. Act like you know way more than them, and they'll back off. This does vary a little by state though. We're in IL. But, I do think you'll be OK. CA is very lenient. You just have to sign a waiver and that's it. They don't care what your reasons are.

  18. thank you so much. God brought this very issue to my attention and this blog just confirms that the vaccines are harmful. honestly, what i read here is enough to make me stop with the vaccinations. my son got his 6 month shots 2 days ago. something about the way his behavior changed and the amount of pain he was in told me that something just isn't right. i'm going to do futher research in the very near future and start spreading the word about this, as well as about circumcision, which is also something that is harmful and unecessary.

  19. I would love to hear what you think about the 2011 outbreak of the "almost eradicated" polio. For crying out loud, do your research. The man who started the entire autism linked to the MMR vaccine scare has been PROVEN to be fraudulent in that very study. It is infuriating that innocent children die of very treatable diseases (in the United States, not just third word countries) because their parents wrap their heads around scare tactic conspiracies that have zero proof. BE A PARENT AND VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN!!!

  20. Did you know that some guys who weren't circumcised end up having major problems and have to get it done as adults??? So apparently it is somewhat necessary! It is so much more sanitary and is not near as debilitating when done as an infant! As for the vaccines, the same way you have faith that God will protect your families from these diseases, I have faith that God will protect my family from the possible side effects! He has with my whole family to this point! God has given me peace about vaccines and giving them to my kids!

  21. This is exactly what I have been looking for, thank you! My internal Mommy Instincts helped me choose not to vaccinate my daughter, & I have taken a lot of hateful words from just about anyone who finds out, this is a great resource I can send people to when they ask me why I dont vaccinate. Thank you again!

  22. Hi Jazmyne. I've gotten those looks and comments too. 🙂 That's why I decided to write about it. It's hard to sum up in 60 seconds or less. People will likely still give you crap about it. Oh well. I'm not concerned about what people think of me. They thought Columbus was crazy for thinking the world was round. It's a touchy subject for people b/c if they admit that vaccines might be harmful, they feel like they're admitting that they are harming their children and no one willingly does that. It's just a shame that too many people believe that their doctor and the gov't are looking out for their child's best interest. So not true. They are deceiving parents (sometime unknowingly b/c they just believe all the lies fed to them by the Academy of Pediatrics – something) for the good of the whole, not the individuals. Parents have to decide for themselves what is best for their child, and for some, vaccines might be the right choice, and I don't condemn them for choosing to do so, but for my kids, it ain't happening.

  23. as a mom in ILL i shall be putting four into school this year after fighting last year for my son to beable to go without shots after a week the school nurse showed up at my house saying she had made him an appt. for them and he needed to be there or kicked from their school i went nuts trying every thing he ended up getting the shots because i couldnt find a way to avoid it now my youngest and my last baby will be starting school and theres the shot issue again (his had no shots at all since birth and would be made to catch up) after reading this i cried because i finally found a way to beat them at their game i thank you a hundred times over for writeing this you saved me heart break and my children not only sore spots from the shot but also from having to have harmful things shot into them your an angel

  24. Wow! I can't believe that school nurse! She's got nerve! I'm sorry you had to go through that. Seems so unAmerican to be forced to do something against your will. Yes, the letter I have on this post should be sufficient. My midwife told me that she had a client that was forced to remove her child from his private school b/c she claimed religious exemptions based on her Catholic faith. They told her that the Catholic faith had nothing against vaccinations so she was not exempt. What she should have told them is that it was based on her personal spiritual beliefs, not her organized religion. Knowledge is power. If you have any trouble with the school, let me know. My e-mail is sheridavis27@comcast.net. I'm curious to know what town you live in. Our schools have been really good about it. Good luck to you.

  25. I'm glad I don't live in the US after reading this uninformed and scientifically unfounded opinion piece. It is this kind of uninformed opinion that is leading to a resurgence of many of the diseases that immunisation has protected recent generations. Why on Earth are people trusting this kind of information is beyond me when proper scientific studies clearly validate the science behind vaccines.
    If you lived through some of the diseases I'm sure your attitudes would be different.
    Contrary to popular belief the diseases were not in significant decline because doctors simply started washing their hands one day. Diseases children are immunised against did not significantly decline until vaccinations were issued to whole communities. Also contrary to public opinion, there is no evidence to support the belief that autism is caused by vaccines.

  26. Thank you for your comment. I disagree with you, but living in America, we have the freedom to voice our opinions (or do we?) It seems some views are not tolerated. There are articles and/or studies for every opinion I have expressed. I should have listed the links. I will go back and do that one day, but the topic of vaccination isn't something I feel I need to spend a lot of my personal time on. I’m not an advocate trying to convince the world to stop vaccinating. I posted why we do not vaccinate and why I believe they are dangerous, based on my reading. Everyone needs to make their own decisions but I believe they do have the right to have ALL the information. Have you read the books I mentioned? In those books, they list out very well the dangers of vaccines. As for vaccines causing autism – there are no studies, b/c the gov't refuses to do them. They should do a study of kids with autism. See what percentage of those autistic kids were vaccinated and what percentage were not. Then see what percentage of kids who have never been vaccinated have autism. The gov't has paid out families who have been injured by vaccines and some of them were for the vaccines causing autism. There are several others just waiting for their day in court for the same thing. So, the U.S. gov't has admitted by paying out these families that vaccines caused their child's autism. They won't do a legitimate study b/c the people in power have links to the pharmaceutical companies that make the vaccine. They are making billions of dollars on vaccines. Paul Offit is the one who always speaks out on the safety of vaccines, yet he is the one who holds the patent and is making millions off of them. Why wouldn't he promote vaccines? It's all about money. I'm not saying that vaccines are completely ineffective. I'm saying I do not choose to inject my child with approximately 30 shots filled with nasty preservatives that can cause other problems before they are 2 years old. Vaccines are not the sole and only cause of autism, but I believe they are one of the big contributing causes to kids who are already vulnerable. I don't understand why people get so upset at people who don't vaccinate. Are you worried that your kid will get one of these diseases b/c we don't vaccinate? If your kid is vaccinated, then what are you worried about? Shouldn’t they be protected? Are you worried about someone else’s kid getting sick? I highly doubt that. Seriously, what is all the anger about? Shouldn’t every parent be allowed to make their own decisions for their children? You mention the surge in these diseases but are you at all concerned about the huge surge in autism, ADHD, allergies, and the like? These are far more prominent than these diseases, and their effects last a lifetime, not a couple weeks, and they cannot be treated with antibiotics. I was asked to interview a man whose baby died shortly after she received a vaccination. He is on a mission to educate parents on the dangers of vaccines. No long term studies have been done on the safety of these vaccines, and certainly not on taking all of them together and in a two year time span. Our children are the experiment and study, and it’s really sad. They removed mercury (from some of them anyway) because the public started realizing maybe that’s not such a good idea. But how many children had already been given these shots loaded with mercury? Mine was one of them. We cannot experiment with dangerous additives on our newborn babies. Do vaccines prevent and stop the spread of disease? Yes. Do they have some serious life-long side effects on some children? Yes. Even doctors will admit that there are some side effects. Read the CDC’s web site. There are even some deaths. I have chosen not to vaccinate. What’s it to you?

  27. U blame scare tactics for your poor judgment, may i suggest again scare tactics and ""faith"" has again made for poor judgment.
    science and fact over passed down stories and make belive gods

  28. Great article Sheri, thanks for taking the time to share your heart. I had the gut feeling something wasn't right with them, and especially after our son had his first line of shots and began crying and fussing for days when before he was so peaceful and content, and after having done a lot of research, even from Doctors in the field going against the grain of the popular spoon-fed belief in vaccines, I realized one thing. The simple truth of God's hand on my heart to guide me in the care of my son is worth more than ten thousand books of "science and fact." Thank you Jesus. God bless Sheri, you and your whole family.

  29. We decided 3 years ago to not vaccinate our daughter and we still get negative responses especially from my mum who thinks im crazy. When someone hears something on the news about a break out we get a phone call, its so infuriating that they judge us without doing any research of their own. If they actually took time out to read all the information i have collected over the years they certainly wouldn't think we were crazy then. Thankyou for this wonderful article im going to email it to my mum!

  30. I am trying to conceive and if and when I do I will not vaccinate my child. Thank you for all the information!

  31. I know that this post is old but I've recently decided not to vaccine and have been looking for good information to refer to as I write my own blog post. I want to link up with yours 🙂 Thank you for posting this great information too, I'm so thankful that I came across this issue with vaccines before I become a mom.

  32. Hi! I would love to read your post when you are done with it! Feel free to post the link here. I'm sure it would be helpful to those looking for more info on vaccines. Thanks!

  33. Parent of an adult with aspergher's syndrome:
    My son's development was on schedule, until after the measle/mumps vaccine. He was feeding himself and developing at a normal rate, then suddenly he wouldn't hold his spoon and development slowed down. I believe there is definitely a connection there. I also believe some children can be vaccinated without side effects, while other children may be genitically prone to autism if their immune systems are weaked from the vaccine. My daughter is now pregnant. Knowing what I have witnessed first hand, I believe it would be too risky for her to have her baby vaccinated. My son's life is forever changed, and autism's devasting effects have also contributed to many heart breaking family crisis.

  34. Not to disagree with some of the statements made here, but, yes here's the but in the sentence. I don't believe that children should have all of the vaccinations that they want today. I do still believe in the core vaccines. My youngest son has a form of autism but I don't believe in no way it was from the vaccines he received. He was a premature birth and his vaccines were delayed and we didn't play catch up. But working in the school systems I see many immigrants who are not vaccinated and they refuse to vaccinate. One mother stood her ground and refused the MMR vaccination. One year later, after they returned home for a visit, her son contracted the measles virus and infected a neighbor child, who also wasn't vaccinated. Thank goodness it was summer and the children were not in school. Thankfully they both survived but at what cost? They both have neurological disorders which leave them unable to do anything without an assistant or adaptive products. I wholeheartedly believe that God was watching over these two young boys and that with the ability that God gave the medical team to treat them was the reason they survived. I believe that faith does have a place, but God also gave man the ability to produce medical needs to treat. It is a persons choice whether to vaccinate or not to vaccinate but at what cost to other children?

  35. Hi Beth. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I understand that we all have different views and I appreciate how you expressed your opinions without attacking those on the other side of the fence. Please know everyone that I will not post comments that contain name calling and vicious verbal attacks. I don't mind anyone leaving their opinions, even if they are contrary to mine, but please do so in a civil manner, realizing that we do not all have to agree.

    With that being said – for the woman you mentioned – I can't speak for her b/c I don't know her situation but for us, I knew that my kids were not going to be traveling outside the U.S. They were not in day care when they were little. Traveling isn't an awful thing but if I did, I would take the necessary precautions like making sure my kids were continuing to eat healthy and taking vitamins so that they are less susceptible to getting a disease. Then staying away from other kids upon return if they were around anyone sick or had any symptoms. As for the neighbor – same thing. I think the responsibility ultimately lies with the parents in making sure that their kids are staying as healthy as possible by eating well EVERY day, not eating the typical American diet of fast food and prepackaged items, getting enough rest and exercise, etc. Of course, this will not guarantee that they will not become infected but if you look up any studies on those who eat a diet high in plants and vegetables, you will see that they rarely get sick and if they do, they are able to recover and fight it off quickly without major problems.

    Also realize that when parents choose not to vaccinate as both of those families did, they often know the risks b/c they are often very well educated on the subject. They know that there is a risk of their child contracting these diseases but there are also risks with the vaccines. I personally weighed the risks, and decided for myself that the risks with the vaccines were greater than without, and for other reasons I've outlined above.

    As for the two boys' problems after getting measles – there are a lot of unknowns. We don't know what their reaction would have been to the vaccines. Maybe they would have had major reactions and ended up worse than how they are now from measles. Maybe they would have contracted the measles even after getting the measles shot. That is not at all unheard of. Many of the people getting measles today had already been vaccinated. I believe personally that people aren't getting measles b/c they are not exposed to it. If your child is vaccinated against measles and it is supposed to prevent them from getting measles, why are people so upset with parents who do not vaccinate? I am fully aware of the "Herd Immunity" concept and it just doesn't make any sense to me. Below is an article on it.


    I don't believe we are putting other kids at risk by not vaccinating our own. As a Christ follower, I am called to love my neighbor as myself. Even if it were true that by not vaccinating, I am harming another child, I would not choose to go against my interpretation of the Bible in order to "love" my neighbor. I choose to obey God first, period. Of course no where does it say, "Thou shalt not vaccinate", but we each need to listen to God's voice and the leading of the Holy Spirit if we are followers of Christ. God may lead each of us to different conclusions on this subject and that's OK. God knows what is best for each of us. Some of us might be OK with receiving vaccines and others of us not. My daughter had an egg allergy, mitochondrial issues, and other issues that she was likely born with. She likely would have had major issues from getting vaccinated and I believe God protected her and led me not to vaccinate.

    Anyways, those are my thoughts. 🙂 God bless!

  36. I didn't have to get very far into your blog to find errors…first of all, don't get all your information fro the internet. That's all I have to say about that. Secondly, people die every year from the flu. It commonly leads to pneumonia, and this can be life-threatening. But most importantly, the biggest reason we should vaccinate our children is, besides protecting them from life-threatening diseases, protecting OTHERS from life-threatening diseases. I am talking about the most vulnerable in our society. Those that cannot protect themselves and therefore rely on EVERYONE ELSE to protect them. These include the elderly, the very young (too young to be vaccinated, with not enough built-up antibodies) and those with compromised immune systems. This would include three of my children. They were born without the ability to make antibodies. This means that when they come in contact with someone who has Measles, mumps, influenza, the common cold…they have no way to protect themselves. We are banking on the fact that those around us, the kids at their school, the people at church, have had their vaccines and are therefore not contagious to them. Please, it isn't always about YOU, but sometimes about the greater community around you. Don't choose not to vaccinate because of fear. Fear can cause you to make some pretty uneducated decisions. Do your research on BOTH sides, pro and con vaccine, and DON'T get all your information from the internet for God's sake, and for my children's sake and those like them.

  37. Dear "Anonymous",

    I did not get all of my information from the Internet. I listed a few books as well as web sites. There is some very valuable information on the Internet too by the way. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has a very insightful web site listing the number of deaths from vaccines and the number of severe reactions from vaccines. You can't debunk all information that is derived from the Internet. We live in the 21st century. Yes, people die from the flu. People also die from vaccines, cancer, car accidents, heart disease, crossing the street…what is your point? The point I made was that I believe more people die or have serious implications from the vaccines themselves, than from the diseases they are meant to prevent. I'm not saying vaccines do not help stop the spread of these diseases and therefore the loss of lives. I'm saying these vaccines come with a serious risk and I because of my personal spiritual beliefs as well, I am choosing to forego vaccinating my kids. Should they come up with a natural way to vaccinate, I would look into that but for the time being, there is not. The vaccines are loaded with toxins that are dangerous to my kids. Fear did not cause me to make my decision. I made an educated decision based on the facts that I found. I encourage every other parent to do the same. I no where told anyone to do exactly as I do without doing any further research. I shared where I did my research so that others can read the same and decide for themselves. I don't live my life in fear. Far from it. I live it in the peace of God knowing that He is ultimately in control of all things and will lead me to make the right decisions for my kids when I seek Him and obey his commands as outlined in the Bible.

  38. This has really confirmed what I already knew. My daughter was 6 weeks early and they she's received vaccines up to 9 months. By the Grace of God she is perfectly healthy and has met all her milestones. I was always against vaccines, but I was told they she was more prone to getting sick if I didn't vaccinate her especially because she was premature, which pushed me to do so. After 9 months, I stopped and will no longer do so because though God revealed it to me in the beginning, I wasn't able to explain why to the doctors, but doing my own research and coming across this blog is the icing on the cake. God is saying "The time is now". Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! God Bless

  39. Hi Sheri
    I'm 21 years old. I'm so glad I came across your blog because this is a question I've been asking myself and researching now I know that my child can go to school without being vaccinated and also when my child was about 2 months I have videos of her talking back to me in baby talk and recently I've been noticing she hasn't been talking the was she was before. She's fine and fully aware but I just thought it was odd when I came across a few of these comments that related to what I experienceI checked the date on the videos and the date she got her 2 month shots.it sadden me that around the time after her shots I noticed she wasn't baby talking to me like before. Now I refuse to vaccinate my sweet loving child. Thank you

  40. Thank you for this post, I stopped vaccinating my twin boys…not out of fear but research. My pediatrician never had the answers and was totally unaware of the research I was presenting to her. Mommy instinct also played a role when my 4.5lb. baby wouldn't make eye contact with me after a vaccination. It seemed like he went into shock. Enough is enough. When I go to law school I will be on the front lines fighting for parents right to choose! I pray for God to comfort all those families with vaccine injured children and those families who lost children to vaccines. I am so grateful there are like minded moms out there…God Bless you and your family!

  41. I came across your website today as I am searching for answer to why these vaccines that kids are getting are making them worse off. I too am a mom of 4. My oldest that is 12 had the hpv and she broke out the next day in these red bumps all over her body and has other side effects. Out of all 4 of them 3 of them have speech disorders and delayed in speech. Today 2 of my kids were supposed to get vaccinated and I told them no and discharged all 4 of my kids from care there. Thanks so much for informing others . I want to know where can I get a form for the school to say I choose not to vaccinate?

  42. I came across your website today as I am searching for answer to why these vaccines that kids are getting are making them worse off. I too am a mom of 4. My oldest that is 12 had the hpv and she broke out the next day in these red bumps all over her body and has other side effects. Out of all 4 of them 3 of them have speech disorders and delayed in speech. Today 2 of my kids were supposed to get vaccinated and I told them no and discharged all 4 of my kids from care there. Thanks so much for informing others . I want to know where can I get a form for the school to say I choose not to vaccinate?

  43. I came across your website today as I am searching for answer to why these vaccines that kids are getting are making them worse off. I too am a mom of 4. My oldest that is 12 had the hpv and she broke out the next day in these red bumps all over her body and has other side effects. Out of all 4 of them 3 of them have speech disorders and delayed in speech. Today 2 of my kids were supposed to get vaccinated and I told them no and discharged all 4 of my kids from care there. Thanks so much for informing others . I want to know where can I get a form for the school to say I choose not to vaccinate?

  44. Hello,
    I am so sick of rude people bashing this blog. Especially the one who stated that you shouldn’t get all your research from the internet. You clearly stated you have gotten your information from multiple sources and not just the internet. People need to thoroughly read what you wrote. I have a 2 year old; I am also a natural freak, and live in IL. I hate it here for my child. Education is horrible; people here are horrible, and it is expensive. I am also African American, and we get the lows of the lows with everything. I have to fight everyone on every single issue its exhausting! Most of my family thinks I am crazy because of the healthy things I do for him. Though I have good reason, I have recently discovered that I have a gluten allergy, ADHD without the H, and bipolar disorder. I am only 23. Of course growing up it makes sense to why I have these problems and I seriously believe vaccines were one of the major causes to it because I always noticed at a very young age how my moods changed quickly and how hard it was for me to keep focus and pay attention in school, I struggled for years with this and even now. Currently, I am in graduate school and looking for natural ways to boost my dopamine level so I can get off the medications for ADHD. I refuse to take any for my BPD, I am on the low spectrum and when my days are low, I try to manage it with different things until, I figure out other natural ways to cure or help this problem. My older brother was also born normal and after his vaccine shots as a baby, he suffered seizures and is now a high functioning special needs adult with anger issue, like myself. My younger brother, as I remember, was constantly sick and having bed wetting problems. We were all vaccinated to the max getting every kind even ones that were not required. Since having my son, I started my natural journey. My son did receive vaccinations until 18 months b/c of the lack of knowledge I had about them (though I always felt it was not a good idea and tried to avoid it) and now he has a dairy and gluten allergy. I hope that is all I will have to deal with. On a good note, I use and give my child everything natural and I believe that is one of the many reasons why he is ahead of his age group. Again, he is two but is potty trained, takes himself to the bathroom without my help, talks in full sentences, sound out letters and words, ETC. I try my hardest to tell all mothers I know to research about vaccinations and feed their child naturally. I am currently looking to move to Seattle and I have heard they are much more health conscious and it is in the norm to be all-natural. However, I am not sure about the vaccinations and their beliefs. Do you have any information or where I could go on the internet to find this out about Washington? Seattle, Tacoma region. Thank you for this blog I will also be sending this to my mom she needs more proof because she still is on the fence about me not getting her grandson some vaccinations. Though, I still may have too for some because my mother is planning a family trip to Africa where her fiancé’s family lives.

  45. Hi Sheri,

    You seem to be a caring, loving mom who does want the best for her children. However, having been a nurse for over 30 yrs. (most of them in the emergency department), I cannot begin to count how many little ones I have cared for v. sick w/Pertussis. I feel it is very important to at least have children vaccinated against this terrible infection, as they suffer so. Also, it is not such a bad idea to have children vaccinated against HBV, as the protection lasts quite a way into adulthood (around 40+ yrs. I believe.) While HBV is usually acute, some people develop chronic HBV which can cause cirrhosis of the liver and liver cancer. As for flu vaccines, they are very important because every flu season many people who are frail, elderly, immunocompromised, etc. contract the flu and have to be hospitalized. Once hospitalized, they are susceptible to MRSA and other dangerous infections. I respect your belief that God will heal, but I also feel that if you are in a small boat, no sense in standing up and rocking it. All the best, Somer. : )

  46. Thanks for sharing so much information. I also live in Illinois and a new state law was passed requiring a new and more specific exemption form (in place August 2015). I wondered if you had any expertise to share regarding that piece please, specifically how you might handle the explanation and breakdown for each vaccination as it requires. Thank you.

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  48. Vaccine Experiences Survey—Research Participants Needed

    Purpose: We are conducting a research project designed to help us evaluate your experiences. We are going to ask you about your experience with vaccines, and about other people’s experiences that you might have heard about. We will also ask you about the properties of your experiences and how they made you feel. We will also ask you about some things you might believe, and some questions about your personality. The survey could take up to an hour to complete, depending on your experiences.

    Who are we recruiting? We are looking for people with a wide range of experiences with vaccines and wide range of beliefs about and attitudes towards vaccines. Anyone over the age of 18 is invited to participate.

    Risks and Benefits: We don’t anticipate any risks besides some of the questions possibly making you uncomfortable. There are no benefits to you for participating besides learning about the research.

    Compensation: There is no compensation for participation.

    Contact information: If you have questions, you can contact one of the researchers (Emory Bibb, elb4s@mtmail.mtsu.edu; or Dr. William Langston, Psychology Professor, Middle Tennessee State University, william.langston@mtsu.edu, 615/898-5489).

    If you’d like to participate, please click the link below: https://mtsupsychology.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0f8EGx4Khc28qvH

    This research has been reviewed and approved by the Middle Tennessee State University Institutional Review Board, protocol number 19-1059, approval date October 10, 2018. You can contact the MTSU Office of Compliance at 615/494-8918 or via email at compliance@mtsu.edu.

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