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GFCF Macaroni and Cheese

This is a “recipe” I made up using the new Daiya cheese. You can adjust the amounts to taste, but I wanted to have some kind of measurements. I make this in the morning for my daughter and then put it in her thermos for lunch. When I do that, I cook the noodles about 2 minutes less. Fill the thermos with hot water and put the lid on for a few minutes to get the thermos hot, then fill with the mac-n-cheese.

2 cups of GFCF noodles (We use Tinkyada elbow noodles)

¾ cup of Daiya cheddar cheese (I keep mine in the freezer)

4 TB of butter (We use Earth Balance Soy Free Spread)

1 tsp salt

¼ tsp pepper
Cook the noodles according to the packaging (Tinkyada Elbows are16 minutes). Rinse in cold water. While draining the noodles, add the butter, cheese, salt, and pepper to the saucepan and heat on low until butter is melted and cheese starts to melt. Add the noodles and stir till completely mixed. Makes 2-3 servings. You can find Daiya cheese at Whole Foods or at some local health food stores.

Guacamole Dip

This is a Chipotle copycat recipe. We use Xochitl corn chips.

4 Haas avocadoes (peel, seed, and mash)

1 jalapeno pepper (seeded and minced)

½ red onion, finely chopped (or put in food processor just until chopped)

½ lime, juiced

4 heaping TB of cilantro

I throw everything but the avocadoes in a food processor. Mash the avocadoes and add the other ingredients to it and mix. (Putting the avocadoes in a food processor supposedly causes browning.) Store remainder in the fridge for up to 2 days. The dip will brown some. Just stir it. You can also use half lemon and half lime juice if desired, or add ½ tomato diced for variation.  This also makes it into the lunch box for school.

Chicken Tenders

I got this recipe from a new GFCF cookbook called “Cooking for Isaiah” by Silvana Nardone. She works for Rachel Ray. I got it at Border’s Books. All of the recipes we have tried so far have been surprisingly good and pretty simple as far as GFCF goes. My very picky non-GFCF son even likes this cookbook.

6 cups Fritos or other corn chips crushed (I throw mine in my food processor)

1 tsp salt (or less to taste)

½ tsp pepper

3 eggs (I used olive oil instead)

Cut up chicken breasts into strips then dip chicken into a small bowl of olive oil (or slightly beaten eggs if you can do eggs).

Coat chicken with Frito mixture and place on to a slightly oiled baking dish. Cook at 425 degrees for 20 minutes.

I use the Frito Scoops for this recipe. Fritos have cross contamination issues but the Scoops are supposed to be run on a separate line so have less CC issues.

This recipe also included a honey mustard dipping sauce recipe but we didn’t try it.

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  1. Hi! Just ran across your blog, and I like it! Seems that you have a similar journey…I have a daughter who has had spectrum characteristics (like extreme clothing sensitivities), OCD, generalized anxiety, etc., etc. The more I study and learn, the more I realize that so much of it begins and ends with what we put into our bodies! I've been trying to get my blog going for the past year so that I'd have a record for myself and could encourage other families…my address is

  2. Had to comment! Been using this great site for years, raising 2 grandkids with long lists of allergies and other problems. Used Feingold for my kids too. I recently had to go gluten free, and as old as I am, IT HAS BEEN HARD![Raised on processed foods and gluten] This recipe is GREAT! Have given it to family and friends that are not on special diets, they loved it too! We use a BBQ sauce for dipping. THANKS SO MUCH FOR BEING HERE!

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