Ice Cream Cake

My mom gets requests for this for parties a lot.  It’s SO good!  I usually avoid dairy, but can never pass up on this one.  I have made this GFCF before.  I just use So Delicious vanilla coconut ice cream, Glutino chocolate cookies, a GFCF chocolate sauce from Whole Foods, and top it with Soyatoo rice whip cream in the can right before eating.  I make a much smaller version though just for my kids. 

Breyers ice cream was just removed from the Feingold shopping guide because they refuse to fill out forms any more.  This could mean they’ve added unapproved ingredients, but there’s no way to know for sure.  To be safe, you can use 365 ice cream from Whole Foods, or there are a couple other options. 

So, below is the original recipe, with all the “bad” ingredients.  J  Since I make my kids their own GFCF version, I just make this with regular ingredients for our guests because it’s cheaper! 

½ lb of Oreo cookies (I use a little more.  For Feingold, use Trader Joe’s chocolate Joe’s O’s cookies or Whole Foods’ brand)

1/4 cup of melted butter

½ to 1 gallon of ice cream (I like using vanilla.  My mom uses chocolate chip mint sometimes. Use 365 brand Vanilla from Whole Foods for Feingold.)

Cool whip for topping (Use Tru Whip  (corn syrup) from Whole Foods for Feingold)

For chocolate sauce:

1 large can of evaporated milk (Carnation for FG)

1 cup of sugar

½ cup butter

2 squares of semi-sweet chocolate for baking (I use Ghiradelli for FG.  Baker’s is OK too but has corn syrup.)

Boil chocolate sauce ingredients slowly for 30 minutes, stirring frequently.  Allow to cool.  Place in refrigerator for further cooling before adding to ice cream cake.

Place Oreos in blender until crumbly.  Add melted butter to the Oreos and mix together.  Press into a 9 x 13 baking dish. 

Take your ice cream and use scissors to cut away packaging from the ice cream.  Then, cut the ice cream into large rectangles and place over top the Oreo mixture.  Use your hands to press and shape the ice cream into one even layer.  Ice cream should come about an inch below the top of the baking dish to allow room for the cool whip. 

When chocolate sauce has cooled, spread carefully over the ice cream layer.  Sometimes I will freeze the ice cream in the dish for a little while first as by now it has melted a little bit.  You will not use all of the chocolate sauce.  It’s a double recipe but I like using extra chocolate sauce on the ice cream cake, and then I save the rest to use as an ice cream topping.  Yum! 

Put the ice cream with the chocolate sauce back in the freezer till hardened a bit (optional).  Then, take out and top with Cool Whip.  Use as much as you want.  I use a regular container worth.  Place back into the freezer until ready to be eaten.  I take the ice cream cake out about 5-10 minutes before serving so that it’s easier to cut.   

Now sit back, enjoy your ice cream cake, and listen for “Oh my gosh!  This is so good!”
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