New Recipes

Below are a few new recipes we like.  Still need to add them to my cookbook recipes. Bruschetta Bread 1 to 2 tomatoes (I like using Roma), seeded and diced 3 TB olive oil 1 TB fresh oregano (or ½ TB of dried) 2 TB chopped fresh basil (or 1 TB dried; tastes better using […]

News Flash

A soy free cheese!  Daiya Cheese Shreds is making its way into stores.  Right now, you might be able to find it at some Whole Foods, otherwise you can find it online.  I just ordered some from  They have cheddar and Italian.  Everyone on the gfcf board is raving about it.  It melts and […]

Allergy Testing

If you want to do food allergy testing, the best and most economical place to have it done is through Alletess.  Their web site is  They charge about $130 to check for 96 different food allergies, both IGG and IGE, which is what you want, and you can still bill it to your insurance.  (IGG […]

Back to Feingold Stage 1

After 5 years on the Feingold Diet, we are going back to stage 1.  Stage 1 is where you start at for the first 6 weeks of the diet and you eliminate high salicylate foods.  After the initial 6 weeks, you can add back in stage 2 items one at a time and watch for reactions.  […]

Homeschooling Web Sites

Below is a list of web sites pertaining to homeschooling. I’m just learning of many of these. There are tons out there. Also, if you find yourself needing a laminator, the cheapest ones are at Sam’s for $24. Target also has them for $27. Sam’s also has 3 ml laminating sheets for $20 for 200 […]

A Feingold Halloween

Feingold approved candy: Yummy Earth candy drops – pomegranate and root beer flavored, Sunspire Sundrops (like M&M’s), Yummy Earth suckers, B-Fresh bubble gum (Solar Moon Melon, Spearmint), St. Claire’s tarts (like sweet tarts), Yummy Earth gummy bears, Enjoy Life Choco Boom Bar (like a Crackle bar).  Not pictured (they were already casualties):  Surf Sweet gummy […]

Vaccine Q&A

I received a question under the “Comments” section of my “Why We Don’t Vaccinate” post and my reply got too long to fit under there, so I am posting my reply here instead.  Maybe someone else has had a similar question.  I know this comes up when thinking about international travel for mission trips, which […]

Our Typical Diet Diary

On one of the boards I’m on, someone asked for a posting of a diet diary.  I didn’t have time to list out each day yet, but below is a list of what my kids typically eat at the moment. For my GFCF kids (my son occassionally has soy): Meals Applegate hot dogs (beef, turkey, and […]

A Matter of Faith

By far the most important bit of information I can share with anyone is this. If you spend all your money and time and effort on healing your child from autism, ADHD, or whatever effects your family, and yet don’t know where your child will go the day they leave this earth, it will all […]