Jesus Makes A House Call

I went to a writing seminar and was given the assignment to write 100 short stories pertaining to our own lives by the end of summer.  So, I decided to write 100 Answers to Prayer.   I thought I’d post a few of them.  I love hearing how God has worked in other peoples’ lives and thought […]

Winner of the 2nd Feingold Membership…

Congratulations to Krissy!  Winner of the second Feingold Membership giveaway.  I’d love to do more Feingold giveaways this year so watch for future postings.  You can sign up on the left where it says “Follow by E-Mail” to receive e-mail notifications of new postings.  I am writing to big corporations like Whole Foods and other food companies to see if they […]

And the Winner of the Feingold Membership Is…

Congratulations to Cara!  You are the winner of the Feingold Membership.  I will e-mail you to get your mailing address.  The winner was chosen using  Thank you to everyone who signed up for a chance to win and for sharing your stories!  I truly wish I could bless all of you with a membership […]

What’s For Dinner?

Garlic Lime Chicken I’m going to start posting our dinners at least twice a week, along with the recipes.  Most of these recipes can be found in my GFCF or Feingold Cookbooks on the far left.  I’ll try to get as many pictures up as I can as well.  So long as I can get the […]

Feingold Membership Giveaway!

During the month of May, you can enter to win a FREE 1-year Feingold membership, worth $82.50!  To enter, just become a follower of All Natural Mom and post a comment with your e-mail address.  This will ony be used to notify the winner.  If you’re already a follower, just post a comment.  Feel free to post […]

New Recipes

A few new recipes.  If you try a recipe and like it (or don’t like it), please comment!  Nothing’s worse than spending all your time and money on a recipe that your family ends up not liking.  These are recipes that our family likes, but everyone’s tastes are different.  I’ve got a few more coming, […]

Better to Give…

These days, it seems like nearly everyone is struggling to make ends meat.  If you want to eat healthy, that often means paying more at the grocery store.  I won’t even tell you what my grocery bill is for the month to feed my family with 4 kids, but it’s more than my mortgage.  Couponing helps and […]

New Recipes

GFCF Macaroni and Cheese This is a “recipe” I made up using the new Daiya cheese. You can adjust the amounts to taste, but I wanted to have some kind of measurements. I make this in the morning for my daughter and then put it in her thermos for lunch. When I do that, I […]

New Recipes

Below are a few new recipes we like.  Still need to add them to my cookbook recipes. Bruschetta Bread 1 to 2 tomatoes (I like using Roma), seeded and diced 3 TB olive oil 1 TB fresh oregano (or ½ TB of dried) 2 TB chopped fresh basil (or 1 TB dried; tastes better using […]