Salsa – Chili’s

is a mock Chili’s restaurant salsa recipe. 
It does taste very similar.  We
love it.  It is a little spicy, just like
Chili’s.  If you want it less spicy, use
just 1 TB of jalapenos instead of 1 TB plus 1 tsp. 

½ oz can of tomatoes and green chilies

½ oz can whole peeled tomatoes plus the juice

TB jalapenos plus 1 tsp (the 1 tsp is optional) (canned, diced, not pickled)

cup diced onion

tsp garlic salt, or more to taste

tsp cumin, or more to taste

tsp sugar, or more to taste

onions in a food processor.  Take out and
measure out ¼ cup.  Put ¼ cup back in the
food processor and add the jalapenos and process for just a few seconds.  Add both cans of tomatoes, garlic salt,
sugar, and cumin.  Process all
ingredients until well blended, but do not puree.  Place in a covered container and chill for a
couple of hours to allow the flavors to develop. 
Serve with organic corn tortilla chips.  We like Xochitl chips from Woodman’s or Whole
Foods.  Tostitos are not truly GF. 

always make this for parties and everybody loves it.

*I got this recipe from

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