“All Natural Mom’s Guide to the Feingold Diet” FREE E-book Download

As my Christmas gift to all of you, starting tomorrow, Dec 23rd thru Dec. 25th, download my e-book, “All Natural Mom’s Guide to the Feingold Diet – A Natural Approach to ADHD” for FREE on Amazon! That’s right – absolutely FREE for 3 days only!

Here’s your chance to make a difference in the food manufacturing industry! Share this post with friends and Facebook groups you’re on. Help family members download their free copy on their smartphones or tablets this Christmas. When people learn how to make better choices in food, food manufacturers will be forced to make changes.

Offer ends on 12/25 around midnight, Pacific time. (Offer is good in the U.S. and U.K. only). Follow link below to download your free copy starting tonight at midnight! (Pacific time) Merry Christmas!!

All Natural Mom’s Guide to the Feingold Diet

(You do not need to own a Kindle to download the e-book. You can download to almost any device including your smartphone or PC. You can download a free Kindle Reading App here or your device should prompt you with the proper app as well.)

For more info on the book, go to my sales page, www.momof4.com.

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Author of "All Natural Mom's Guide to the Feingold Diet"

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The Treating ADHD Naturally Conference is coming back to Chicago May 23, 2018! More details coming soon at www.mothersdetermined.com.

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