Avoiding “The Big 3” (Dyes, Artificial Flavors, and Preservatives) Magnet



Whether you’re following the Feingold Diet or just want to avoid harmful chemicals in your family’s food like dyes and artificial ingredients, this convenient magnet will help you make better choices! Perfect to share with family, friends, or teachers to share the details of your child’s diet, or keep in your purse for quick reference at the grocery store.

On the Feingold Diet:

  • High salicylate foods: Avoid
  • Medium salicylates: Can eat in moderation
  • Low salicylates: Can be eaten freely but keep in mind that everyone is different and a child can react to any food. Salicylates can also have a build-up effect.

This salicylate list is not all inclusive, but includes some of the more common ones for quick reference. For a full list of salicylates avoided on the Feingold Diet, please visit www.feingold.org.

Caramel Color: Some caramel coloring is obtained the old-fashioned way by browning sugar while other forms of caramel color are artificial and made from chemicals and petroleum sources. The Feingold Association researches how caramel coloring is manufactured before approving a product with caramel coloring.

Natural Flavors: Like caramel coloring, natural flavors can be truly natural, or they can be a convenient place for manufacturers to hide artificial ingredients, despite the “natural” claims. Refer to your Feingold shopping guide when natural flavors are listed.

Preservatives: It is common for some manufacturers to use preservatives on the packaging, and then not list this ingredient on their product. Cartons of milk or boxes of cereal are the most common products that use preservatives in this way. If vitamin A Palmitate is listed as an ingredient, it is common practice to preserve the vitamin A Palmitate with preservatives, which will not be listed in the ingredients.

Hear what others have to say:

  • “I love it! Very handy to have on the fridge. So much valuable info in one place!” – Pam
  • “As a parent of a child who follows these guidelines, I think the magnet is a pure GENIUS idea! Thank you.” – Mindy
  • “I love having the list handy! Really helps to look over to the fridge magnet instead of my cheat sheet! I need to pass these out to family and friends that my kids visit! Thanks! Love the idea!” – Karen
  • “This magnet is a time (and life) saver! With babysitters and grandparents it makes it so much easier to remind them every time they go to feed my kids! I don’t know how I ever did without it but now I won’t even try! I am going to order some to give to everyone I know! It helps that the way it’s broken down, anyone can understand and follow it!” – Ravae

To order a magnet, go here. 

To learn more about the Feingold Diet and how to avoid the Big 3, check out my book, “All Natural Mom’s Guide to the Feingold Diet” available on Amazon.



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